My fabulous fiancé turned 30 last week!  To celebrate we both took the week off  and got to spend some QT together.  Poor Matt’s been sick for the last couple of weeks so we kept it pretty low-key.  We got really lucky weather wise for the beginning part of the week so we took advantage of the beautiful sunny (75°!!!) weather on Monday and went Apple Picking at Lakeview Orchard.

Morning dew on Macintosh

I haven’t gone apple picking since I was really young and Matt’s never been before and every year we talk about going so I was psyched that this year we actually went.  It was pretty amazing to be able to go right up to the tree and grab a big gorgeous apple off of it.  There were so many varieties to choose from.  We quickly figured out that to get to the best apples you had to go to the end of the row and pick from there.  The down side was that the apples weren’t labelled from the back end so we weren’t 100% sure what we were getting.  It didn’t really matter because they are all delicious.  We made some apple butter that only took about 30 hours to cook.  Lesson learned:  When cooking apple butter, remove lid so the liquid can cook out.  Yum!  I used  EatingBirdFood’s no sugar added apple butter recipe.  We also made some caramel and chocolate apples for Matt’s Oktoberfest B-day Party.

I have a confession to make.  A big part of our reason for going to Lakeview Orchard was to try their apple cider donuts.  I was told by numerous clients that they have the best donuts.  Well, I have been a fan of the Apple Barn’s apple cider donuts my entire life so I felt like I needed to do an unofficial taste test.  Matt was totally up for the challenge.

Apple cider donut

Mmmm! Cinnamony goodness!

The Verdict?

They’re delicious.  Nice and cakey and loads of cinnamon and sugar on the outside but sadly they’re just not as good as the Apple Barn’s.  (You know that we made a trip out there to make sure!)    The Apple Barn’s donuts are bigger and less sweet and just amazing.  But donuts are donuts and you really can’t go wrong.

The rest of the week was pretty much spent hanging out and relaxing.  Lots of eating out and very little cooking.  Although I did do a bunch of baking for Matt’s party.  We watched Something Borrowed which I wanted to love but only liked.  I don’t like when they change the story so much and I don’t think you ever got to see why Rachel and Darcy were such good friends for so long.  I usually prefer the book over the movies though.

I can tell that we are getting older because even though we were on vacation and could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted we were really tame.  We were in bed by 10 and up before 8 just about every day.  It was really great being able to just relax with each other and not have to be anywhere and just spend time with each other.  I don’t think that we get much time together during our regular life so this was really special.  To end I’ll leave you with a final pic of our glorious bag of apples.

Bag of picked apples

Apple pickens!