I got these green cargo pants, from Old Navy, about a year ago and I’ve had trouble styling them.

They’re a bit of a weird fit for me.  The length is great, which is really surprising because the short size from ON is usually still to long for me.  They fit great in the waist and thighs.  They feel nice on, very comfortable.  They start out feeling really great and looking really cute.  But after wearing them for like 10 minutes they start to sag in the front.  It looks kind of like I’m wearing depends under them.  Luckily for me I’m not wearing depends.  They look OK  from the back.

When did my whowho get so big?












So I think I may have figured out a way around my diaper front looking mess.  If I wear a slightly longer shirt and cardigan or sweater that covers it up.  OK I’m off to raid my closet!




Any suggestions on how to make my diaper front disappear?