Happy New Year!

2011 wasn’t a bad year by any means but it also wasn’t a great year so I’m more than happy to welcome in the new year.  A new start.  A fresh start.  I’ve never been much of a goal oriented person but in my advancing years I find myself wanting more than the status quo.  If I want more than I need to do more.  As simple as that.  I also feel that if I put it out into the interwebs then I’ll be more likely to actually do the work.

I tend to over do things in my mind.  I start off small and then I get ideas.  And then those ideas spawn more ideas and before I know it I can barely even remember what I had wanted to do in the beginning.  It’s just a little bit frustrating and completely silly.  So I’m thinking if I write things out with an actual pen and paper and can visually see the craziness (and the initial goal hehe) I can stay more focused and edit out what isn’t important.  Yeah, I have to play games with myself.

So what the heck do I want to do with 2012 and all it’s 366 days?  Let’s make a list.  You know,  just for fun.

  1. Make some home improvements.  LOTS of home improvements, in every.single.room.

  2. Plan our wedding, most importantly book a location.

  3. Spend more time with my friends and family, especially Matt.

  4. Work-out consistently.  Especially work on increasing my running distance and speed.

  5. Get organized.  De-clutter the house and give everything a designated spot.

  6. Reign in my spending.  Make quality purchases.

  7. Continue to save and decrease existing debt.

  8. Give my pets more attention and better care.

  9. Take Yoga

  10. Eat clean (90 % of the time)

Not going to lie, it was kind of hard for me to stop at ten.  And if I’m being completely honest, I did add on to the list.  In my defense I tried to condense while still being specific and not leaving everything so obtuse.  So my plan to keep my momentum going is to check back in at the beginning of every month and see what kind of progress I’ve made. Hopefully I’ll be posting while I’m working on all this.  I’m really excited for this new year and what the future has in store.  Happy New Year!



Did you make a crazy list of resolutions or are you happy just the way you are?