So the first day of 2012 was a great start to hopefully an incredible.  I had full intentions of being horizontal on the couch all day after my 4:30 am bedtime.  But when I brought the Monkey outside the weather was just so beautiful that I declared to Matt that, “We are doing something outside today.”


Luckily for us we had a tentative date for some early afternoon hiking and geocaching at a nearby camping area with some friends.  I made us a delicious brunch of turkey sausage quiche and hash-browns.  It was rich and delicious and just the sort of thing that I won’t be eating for a LONG time.  I’ve got to remember to bring the left overs to work for the girls.


We hiked and cached for a few hours and I’m really bummed that I forgot to bring my camera.  There were some really beautiful spots and the sunset was gorgeous.


I’ve decided to do the P.I.N.K. method work-out and diet plan to help kick-off some of my 2012 resolutions.  I had ordered the system around Thanksgiving and had started it in the second week of December but decided to stop and re-start after the holidays were over.  It starts with the “re-set” phase that mainly focuses on diet and  getting your body functioning  properly.  It’s a lot of veggies and water, which is fine by me because I love both.  There’s not much food that I don’t love.


When I had done the re-set phase before I was amazed at how good I felt.  I slept unbelievably well and woke-up completely rested.  I am not a morning person by any means so this was amazing to me.  I also noticed that my skin was really clear looking and my dark under eye circles looked much better.   I also dropped about a pound a day.  So to say that I’m motivated to stick with this program is a huge understatement.


I started today and it was pretty easy.  By the end of the day I did have a huge headache and I was getting chills.  I’m not sure if it’s my body de-toxing or if I’m coming down with something so we’ll have to see what tomorrow brings.  I hope you all are having a great start to the New Year and good luck with your resolutions!