Today is my third day on the P.I.N.K. Method reset phase.  I started out with my breakfast smoothie.

The first day on the program was pretty easy.  Mostly because I was at work and only had the food I brought with me to eat.  I did get a major headache when I got home though.  The second day was kinda tough.  I got a bit discouraged when I weighed myself and the scale showed that I was up 2 lbs.  Yeah, pretty frustrating.  By the end of that night I was almost ready to call it quits, but I didn’t.  When I woke-up today I was AWAKELike really awake.  I definitely sleep like the dead when I’m eating super healthy.  I was so well rested that I sorted, folded and put away all my clothes and made my bed before I even made it downstairs. 

Punky is always ready to play fetch with her squeaker.  I’m not the most athletic and given the choice, Punk will choose Matt over me every time to play squeaker with.  Even if I’m the one playing with her, if Matt is anywhere near by, she’ll catch the squeaker and bring it to him.  I guess I can’t blame her.  When I play with her it usually ends up like this.

She totally looks like she’s thinking, “Seriously Mom?!”  Yeah she wouldn’t even attempt to fish it out.  Diva.

Speaking of Divas, look at that attitude.  She’s completely taken over my spot on the couch. You know that I didn’t move her either.  She’s completely in charge.

Since I had all of this energy from sleeping so well and it was my day off I decided to get started on one of my resolutions.  Get organized!  My dresser, specifically the top, has been a disaster since probably forever.  I’m horrible with putting things where they belong.  So this is the mess I have created.  Impressive, I know.

Yup that’s my mess.  I have a lot of jewelry.  And apparently I have a lot of focus because it took me about 2 hours to straighten this mess out.

It went from this.


To this

Look!  There’s a window behind my dresser!  I’m already reaping the benefits of my labor.

I found this un-opened bottle of my favorite perfume hiding behind all the clutter.  Score!  I have a lot of necklaces and the majority of the clean-up was untangling them from each other.  I grabbed an old tray that works color and style-wise in the room to lay them on.  Fingers crossed that it keeps them tangle free for a while.

I had seen this great idea on Pinterest for displaying your bracelets.   You simply put them on a glass soda bottle.  I think the picture I pinned was an old coke bottle but Matt and I had these cool, green glass ginger ale bottles that we had saved from a lunch at the top of Mt. Greylock.   Yeah we save our trash sometimes, hehe.

I even matched all my earrings and hung the ones I tend to wear the most on my DIYed earring holder.  The rest are in a gold paper mached box.  The loners were either filed or sent into the beading tackle box.

Even though this is just a small area of the bedroom, it makes the room seem bigger and brighter somehow just by being clean and organized.  I’m going to try to tackle small areas in different rooms in the house instead of trying to organize an entire room in one day.  I never have enough time and loose my mojo and it never gets finished that way.  Fingers crossed that this method works and I can stick with it.  For now I’m just happy to see all my accessories!



Have you tackled anything on your New Year’s Resolutions list yet?  Do you have tangled necklaces and lone earrings?