Oh man getting out of bed today was rough!   I seriously underestimated the P.I.N.K. Method work-outs.  They are no joke.  I like feeling sore the day after a good work-out though.  I did my second work-out in Phase 1 today and it went better than yesterday.  I really liked the ab routine.  Lots of fun and different moves!

This picture does not capture how sweaty and shaky I was after I was done.  I think it does convey that I’m really looking forward to my chocolate peanut butter smoothie.  Mmmmm!  Thinking of that smoothie is what pushed me through my work-out.  Whatever gets you through right?

So I’ve been dedicating a few hours a week to clean up and organize a very specific area in my house that desperately needs some attention.  My last project was my jewelry and it’s still looking great.  It’s a lot easier to get dressed now.  It has a boutique feel now that makes it really fun to finish getting ready.   This time around I worked on our kitchen cabinets and it morphed into our counter space too.  I was on a roll.

So our kitchen is awful.  The only thing going for it is that it has a lot storage space.  Everything else is horrendous!   Since I can’t re-do the kitchen I’ll have to make the best of what we’ve got.  An organized kitchen is a huge improvement.  This is the mess that I have created.  Yes, I fully admit to creating this disaster.  This is the counter top on the right side of our sink.  There’s 3 upper cabinets and 3 lower cabinets.  They hold all of our teas and coffee, baking supplies, canned goods, nut butters, pasta and other grains, sauces and everything in between.  This counter top holds the appliances that we don’t use that often and spatulas and a really old knife set.  It usually also houses the recyclables that haven’t made it to the bins.









These are the upper the cabinets and yes I was in constant fear of something falling on my head whenever I opened them.




Here’s what the lower cabinets looked like.  Yup, just as frightening.  I took everything out and grouped liked items together so it would be easier to organize everything when I put it all back.  I decided to put all the appliances on the bottom shelf of the lower cabinets to gain more work space and de-clutter the counter tops.

I put an old shelf in the back of lower cabinet so I could fit more in there and also be able to see what was in the way back.  I put our most used grains in their own jars and labeled them.  I also put the cooking directions on there for a quick reference.



I cannot believe how much tea and coffee we have in this house.  There are only two of us living here and we are apparently fully caffeinated!



I bagged up the ones that we’ve had for a while and I didn’t think that we would ever drink.  Some how I managed to fit them all in there.  The baking supplies made it onto the middle shelf and the snack foods are on the way top.



The other side now holds our protein powders, nut butters and raw nuts on the bottom shelf.  More baking supplies are in the middle shelf.  The really bad stuff is all the way up on the top where I need a step latter to get to it.  No lie!


I didn’t take any pictures of my counter top switch because my camera battery died.  I basically moved everything from the left to the right and vice versa.  Now the spatulas and knives are near the stove and microwave.  The Keurig and k-cups are closer to the fridge.  It was a little confusing the first morning that we had to make coffee and everything was switched around but I am so glad that I took the time to do this.


I want to make this even more organized and get some boxes to group like items together and make the shelves look neater but that’s for another day.