So this Sunday Matt and I did another hike. We originally were going to hike up Mount Greylock but decided that morning to do a shorter hike on the Appalachian Trail. I can’t believe that I have never done it before. The trail head is literally a mile from where I grew up! The trail starts at the end of a driveway which is pretty cool.


At the very beginning there is this really cool man made pool that used to be used to control water for the mills.



20121010-103200.jpgThere was a natural spring (which I guess belongs to guy named Pete).  It was kind of hard to see because it was covered by floating leaves.  Matt said when he saw it before it was bubbling away, I guess I have to go back in the spring.

20121010-103144.jpgThese are some “stairs” that lead the way to the spring and I thought they were so amazing.  (It doesn’t take much to impress me!)  Aren’t they cool?

This was the toughest part of the whole hike.  It’s so hard to really see how steep this is.  It literally is all boulders.  While we were climbing up, a couple with their great Dane was inching their way down.  At one point the pup stepped down and his paw just sank down about a foot.  But his parents helped him out and they made it out safely.  We were so impressed, he was such a good boy!  I couldn’t imagine taking our little money dog.  She would have been buried in those boulders.

20121010-103322.jpgThe view at the top is what gets me every time.  It’s amazing how you just walk up this path and then when you get to the top you can see for miles and miles.  Absolutely breathtaking.  (And not just from the strenuous climbing.)

20121010-103307.jpgWe took a little break when we got to the top and gave our sticks a break.  This is the first time we used them and I absolutely loved them!  They are especially helpful on the way down.  They really helped me to keep my balance with all those slippery leaves.  They also made going up easier by engaging my upper body.  Totally saved my glutes!

I am really enjoying our hikes together.  Not only are they great exercise but they’ve given us a chance to spend time alone working together.  I know I really look forward to them all week.

Have you waited until you were an adult to enjoy something in your area?  How do you and your significant other like to spend your time together?