This week was a breeze to meal plan.  I was sipping my coffee one morning brainstorming ideas of what to make when I thought to myself, “What have I been meaning to make that I haven’t yet?”  And then meal after meal popped into my head.  If only every thing in life was that easy!

Monday: Left over Corn Chowder and Whole Wheat Bread

Tuesday: Quinoa Pasta with Pumpkin Sage Sauce

Wednesday:Chicken Stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta

Thursday: Habanero and Strawberry Jam Chicken with Baked Sweet Potatoes

Friday: Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Pear

Saturday: Date Night Out with My Man

Sunday: Beef Barley Soup

I am so excited for this menu!  I’ve got the corn chowder simmering away right now and I just took the bread out of the oven.  It smells divine in my house.

So last week I included my fitness plans for the week.  I didn’t stick to the plan 100% but I liked the idea of creating an exercise schedule.  I think I was a little over zealous in the beginning of the week and didn’t take into account how much physical work I would be doing.  I had the week off from week so I de-cluttered every single room in the house.  It was hard work and I’m so happy that I did it but I was exhausted by Thursday night.  So I’m learning from my mistake and really thinking out how I’m spending my time the entire week and how to best fit my exercise in so I’m left energized instead of exhausted.

Monday:  Zumba and Toning

Tuesday: Windsor Pilates (so sad I can’t make it to kickboxing due to my work schedule)

Wednesday: Zumba double dose and Toning

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Kickboxing

Saturday: Gym time!  Whole Body circuit and HIIT on the treadmill.

I also came across this great core workout in the latest issue (Nov. 2012) of Oxygen that I want to do a few times this week as well.  Fingers crossed that I stick to my plan!