One of my favorite fall treats growing up were Pumpkin Delights cookies from Little Debbie. My sister and I were obsessed with them. Being a little older and wiser now, I no longer eat anything baked by Ms. Debbie. Sorry but you’re ingredient list requires an extensive google search and I really try to limit the chemicals I eat. But every fall season I am tempted by that box of smiling pumpkin cookies. That is until I decided to bake them myself.

After a quick search from my favorite recipe sites I couldn’t find any similar recipes. So I broke the cookies down to filling and actual cookie. The filling is easy, pumpkin butter.  I used this recipe and cooked it down for about an hour instead of a half hour.  I wanted it to be a bit thicker because I thought it would hold up better as a filling.


The cookie dough required a bit more thought. It’s more of a cake than cookie but I needed it to be firm enough to roll out and cut into pumpkin shapes. What other cookies are like that? Light bulb when off in my brain, FIG NEWTONS!!! Loads of recipes for fig newton dough. I used this recipe from EatLiveRun.  I reduced the sugar by 1/4 cup and then added a 1/4 cup of molasses to better recreate the flavor of the original Pumpkin Delights.

After mixing the dough I rolled into a ball, wrapped it in syran wrap and chilled it for a few hours. After that I rolled the dough out and cut out some pumpkin shapes with my cookie cutter.

I then placed 8 cookies on my ungreased sheet and spread a teaspoon of pumpkin butter in the center of each cookie.

This next part is a little tedious and not at all necessary but it makes the cookie the most adorable treat. I guess you could say it makes them delightful. After cutting out more pumpkins I free handed some happy jack-o-lantern like faces. When you overlap them onto the cookies with pumpkin butter the faces really pop. I pressed down lightly along the edges with my finger to seal the cookies. After baking for ten minutes at 350 degress, sweet pumpkin deliciousness was mine!

Now to be honest with you guys I did buy a box from my frenemy Debbie. (For comparison purposes only.) Let me tell you, no contest. Five out five taste testers agree. Sorry Debbie, but that’s the last dollar you’re getting from this lady.

Have you guys ever recreated a favorite childhood sweet with success? Would you like to see anything else made over?