Happy Halloween!
I’m a big fan of Halloween. We usually throw a big party with crazy decorations and tons of food. My brother will DJ and everybody dresses up. It’s a lot fun. This year we were feeling a little lazy and poor so we opted out of throwing a bash.

At work we can dress up but this year it fell on my day off. There’s also a Zumbaween event but it was supposed to be on Monday when I do work so I couldn’t go to that either.

So basically I had no reason to dress up. Super sad!

Then Hurricane Sandy hit.

This is how the sky looked Monday morning. We were very lucky and had absolutely no damage. My heart goes out to all who were affected and I pray for a quick clean up and recovery.

Since no one can predict what Sandy was going to do they closed school on Monday and Tuesday. And they postponed trick or treating until Friday. I’m pretty bummed out that we won’t be home to pass out candy since we will both be working. I think we’re just going to stick a bowl of the candy we bought on the porch and let the kids have at it. That is if I can stop eating it.

Now I’m a complete jerk because I’m benefiting from sandy. Since everything was cancelled Monday they had Zumbaween on Halloween. Yay for me! Any guesses what I went as?

How about now? If you’re a girl who grew up in the 80s then I know you got this.

I went as Jem from the cartoon Jem. Do you remember her? Hands down my favorite cartoon of all time! She fought mean girls and turned into a rock star when she put in her star earrings. I wanted her wardrobe so bad! Hmm, maybe that’s why I love color so much.

Poor Matt didn’t get a chance to dress up this year but we did carve a bunch of pumpkins.

These were done with stencils. We went with a graveyard theme.  Matt did the crow on the left and mine is the creepy cemetery.

These were our freestyle pumpkins. I LOVE how Matt’s came out. He put a lot of effort into carving out all the teeth with a razor blade. I was going for a flirty girl but I think it looks more like a girl with duck face. Haha

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up or carve jack-o-lanterns? Did you take your kids trick or treating? Do you eat all the best candy?