This past Sunday was the hardcore mud run and I did it! I cannot believe that I made it to the end. The Hardcore Mud Run is similar to the tough mudder. It’s pretty much an intense hike on a ski mountain with a bunch of crazy obstacles.

Here I am waiting to start. I’m smiling because I just found out that we were able to bypass the first obstacle, swimming across a pond. Did I mention that it was 39 degrees outside?

I am so glad that I didn’t have to do the swim because right after that was an intense hill climb with the snow makers blowing full force. Yeah it was real pleasant. sarcasm . It was so muddy and cold but kind of fun at the same time.

I hated the next obstacle with every fiber of my being. At the beginning of this stage they were passing out water and bananas. I gladly had both but soon after wish I hadn’t. You see I had to carry a 25 pound bag of sand down the slope and then right back up. The bag was so big that wherever I had it rested it was sitting on top of my chest. It was so hard to breathe. I felt like I was going to be ill or pass out so I kept taking breaks on the way up. Slowly but surely I made it to the top! I have never been more happy to drop off a bag.

I actually liked the next stage. We crawled under a chain link fence that rested in a mud pit. This is where the teamwork really kicked in. After watching a few teams go through we realized that if you stick together you can level the weight of the fence more equally. It was pretty fun to get really muddy!

We didn’t know that the next obstacle was even an obstacle. This one was kind of annoying. They created these lanes going up and down the slope over and over again. You basically kept walking and got no where. This one was appropriately named WTF.

After that torture was over we started “lost in the woods”. This was a nice hike in the woods. Cold and easy. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know how much I like hiking.

This next obstacle was all about teamwork. There were 3 walls that you had to climb up and over. The walls were 8, 10 and 12 feet. I made it over the first wall with the help of my team and a few other women that were there racing. When I landed my feet were so numb that I couldn’t even feel them and I rolled my right ankle. I decided to skip the other two walls.


Cargo net was after the three walls. There was a 25 foot wall with netting on other side. You had to climb up one side, go over the top of the wall and then back down. I got a little freaked out at the top because I had to wait so long and the be netting kept swaying as people were climbing up and down. There was this guy at the top that talked me over and then on my way down another guy was pulling the netting tight for me. Amazing teamwork!

Right after that there was another mud pit with rows of barbed wire that I think you were supposed to crawl under but we just climbed over them instead.

This next obstacle was pretty cool. It was set up in the water that is used to make snow and it’s right where a wind mill is. It was so cool to be that close to it and hear it whirring. It was almost hypnotic. They had duck taped a bunch of inner tubes together to create a bridge. We crawled across them to the other side. I ended up getting pretty wet because the tubes weren’t all inflated so you would randomly dip into the water. After we had all made it over we decided to run for a bit just to warm up. At this point we were pretty close to the top of the mountain and the wind was whipping hard.

The paint ball run was interesting. You had a choice of army crawling or running across the path. There were some hay bales as a barriers but most of the “wall” was about a foot high so it offered very little protection. I chose to sprint across. I thought I got a cramp in my calf but I later learned that I got hit. The ball didn’t burst so I had no idea until I saw the huge welt on my calf.

The last obstacle was at the finish line. They had fire you had to jump over and crawl under. I loved it because it was so warm! We had a group of our friends waiting at the end for us and cheering us on.


I was so happy to see Matt and then change into some dry warm clothes!


I am so glad that my co-worker talked me into doing this. It was her birthday and this was all she wanted to do for it. So me, the birthday girl, the birthday girl’s boyfriend and another co-worker made up our team. They were incredible. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and really helped each other make it through to the finish.

I rewarded myself with a bubble bath and some pumpkin pie coffee.

What a great day! Have you done any of these crazy races? I might do a warrior dash or something a little smaller.