I’ve decided to do the popular weekly post, “what I ate Wednesday.” So
I’ll just be posting every single thing I eat on wednesdays. My hope is that it will make me more conscience about what I’m feeding my body. There’s nothing like knowing someone is watching you to motivate you to do the right thing. I promise I will show or write everything . No editing so it looks like I’m behaving better than I really am.

Today started off on a sugary note. After my morning coffee with light cream I devoured a devilish dog. I made Matt a cleaned up version of devil dogs because it was our anniversary and he loves them. I think they came out just ok. They’re yummy but the texture is really off so I’m going to have to play around with the recipe a bit more before sharing with you guys.

For my actual breakfast I made two fried eggs seasoned with chipotle chilli powder and salt and pepper. I topped them with some canned diced tomatoes and red kidney beans. Somehow I’ve changed from a sweet breakfast person to a savory breakfast person. I just feel so much better than I do when I have a bunch of sugar as my first meal.

When I finally made time for lunch I reheated some chicken masala and spaghetti squash that I made a few days ago. It was so cold today that a hot lunch was exactly what I wanted. Good thing I had leftovers.

I snacked on a lot of this mix. It could not be helped, it’s that good! I love dried fruit and nuts as a snack. It hits that sweet and salty spot.

I had prepped these enchiladas earlier in the day, while I sipped on a coconut water. Matt just had to pop them in the oven while I was at Zumba. I needed some more veg so I added a small side salad with a sprinkling of crasins. Very tasty.

I want to quickly talk about my exercise so far this week. Monday I took as a planned rest day and I really didn’t feel too bad. When I woke up Tuesday my arms hurt so bad! Just turning the steering wheel was such an effort. I had planned on taking a kickboxing class but decided last minute that I had better skip it. I did make it to Zumba tonight but I passed on toning. I still feel a lot of soreness so I think I made the right choice. I feel a little bit like a slacker but it’s really hard to do my job if I can’t move my arms. So fingers crossed that I feel all better tomorrow. I’m going to take a hot bath and do a bit more stretching before I go to bed tonight. And I might sneak in one more devilish dog.

How’s your week going so far? Have you ever over done it with exercise? Any suggestions to help me recover?