I’m having an off day, the kind of day where it feels like nothing I do is what I should be doing. I’m second guessing everything and just in a complete and total funk. I can’t even decide what I feel like eating for lunch. (Good thing I’ve already planned my dinners ) 😉

I just got back from my kickboxing class and it was a really good class but for some reason I just wasn’t that into it tonight. We had more time on the bags and did lots of ab work, which I would normally love, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s a good thing that you pay for the class at the beginning or else I might have sneaked out.

I did have one really incredible moment today, I taught my six year old nephew how to tie his shoe. We were getting ready to leave and I noticed that he was trying to slip his still tied shoes on his feet. That’s when he told me that he didn’t know how to tie them. Well I stopped what I was doing and we sat down on the kitchen floor and he got a lesson. He picked it up right away and was SO excited! Which made my heart melt. He is such a good kid.

So that kind of got me thinking. What have I wanted to be able to do but just haven’t stopped and attempted it? So, so many things! One little challenge that I’ve been thinking about off and on is a push up challenge. The challenge is to do 1000 push ups in 10 days. So I jumped in, or down really. I’m going to do a quick check in every day to hold me accountable. I thought it might be fun and maybe some of you would like to join in?
If you had told me this morning that I would be feeling happier doing 100 push ups I would have called you crazy but I am. Maybe it’s the endorphins you get from exercising or maybe I’m just happy to be trying something that’s supposed to be challenging. Whatever it is, I feel better.