I started the day with a short walk with the monkey dog. I’m pretty sure we were being followed by a flock of birds. Once we got home I banged out 25 pushups at once. Yeah I’m pretty psyched that I could do that many at one time!

I did another set of 25 in the break room of the salon after I ate my lunch. Pretty psyched that no one saw me doing them.

Tonight I went to kickboxing with Matt! Guess what!? I was psyched that Matt came with me. It was such a great class, more focused on boxing than it usually is. We spared for a minute and a half and I didn’t pass out. It’s scary how much I like punching people. When we got home a banged out two more sets of 25 push ups before eating dinner. My body is definitely feeling the burn. Hurts so good!

So where’s the strangest place you’ve done a push up? How are you doing on the challenge?