I slept in this morning until 8:30! That, to me, is the perfect time. Not too late that I feel like a lazy bum but late enough that it feels like I got extra sleep. I woke up starving! Which is not surprising since 8:30 is my normal breakfast time.

I toasted up a cinnamon raisin English muffin and topped it with some honey pretzel peanut butter. It’s by Wild Squirrel and it is out if this world! I also had my usual cup of coffee with some light cream. One of these days I’ll learn to take my coffee black.

Yesterday we finally got a little snow and I’ve been freezing ever since. I love it when everything is covered in white. It’s so pretty and so cold! I warmed up with some vanilla caramel tea.

Lunch was pretty easy. It’s always easy because I’m the only one who eats leftovers in this house. 😉 I enjoyed this reheated blackened swordfish with a side of rice, peas and mushrooms and a handful of baby carrots while watching last night’s New Girl. Both the food and entertainment were fabulous.

Even though today is my day off I went to the salon to do my sister’s hair. I’ve been neglecting her! Poor girl hasn’t had her foiled since July. When I got back home I was treated to this beautiful sunset.

For my snack I had a strawberry fage yogurt with some vanilla espresso almond butter while I prepped dinner and made a giant salad for my lunches. It’s sort of like a pb&j in yogurt form. Very yummy.

I don’t normally drink during the week but tonight this was in order. Usually I get my aggression out with Zumba but tonight it just didn’t do it for me. It was a great class but I guess I’m in a deeper funk than I normally am. Lots of little stresses but nothing major. I’m more of a Pinot Gregio kind of girl but Matt picked up this bottle of Red Velvet by Cupcake vineyards and it’s pretty good, if your in to sweet wines.

Dinner tonight was fabulous! A joint effort too. I made a fall flavored quinoa salad earlier in the day and just reheated it. I also prepped some brussels sprouts in olive oil, garlic powder and salt and pepper. Matt seasoned some chicken breasts and sprinkled a little asiago cheese on them. When Matt pulled everything out of the oven he was worried that we had overdone the brussels sprouts but they were perfect, all crispy and browned. Silly boy doesn’t even like them. He had some broccoli with cheese sauce. Works out perfectly because broccoli is the ONLY vegetable I won’t eat. So our dinner was his and hers. And delicious. I’ve spilled my wine so I think I might indulge in a square or two of Ghiradelli’s Cabernet Matinee. I’ve seen it on many blogs and couldn’t find it until I happened to walk past it in Target.

I hope you guys enjoyed some good healthy eats today too. Or some needed indulgences. Anything yummy you want to share?