Another week come and gone so quickly.  The holiday parties are in full force, I have 2 just this week.  I love celebrating but I am a little anxious to be around all the temptation.  My party strategy is to eat my daily servings of fruits and vegetables through out the day and drink more water than I normally do.  I stick to a 2 drink maximum.  I’m going to “taste” everything that looks good to me.  I don’t like feeling deprived and sometimes it’s more of my curiosity of how the food will taste that sticks in my head and I become obsessive about eating it.  I’ve also got my healthy rainbow challenge to keep me on track.

grilled fish tacos

Meal Plan

Monday~ Mustache Party (I’ve already packed myself a really colorful lunch!)

Tuesday~Creamy Chicken Sauce over Spaghetti Squash with peas and mushrooms

Wednesday~Italian Chicken Sausage and White Bean Bake

Thursday~ Steak with onions and mushrooms

Friday~Chicken Enchilada Soup

Saturday~Denim and Diamonds Party (Still need to figure out what I want to bring!)

Sunday~ Vegetable Soup

I’m also going to pick up as many different fruits and vegetables to snack on.

Fitness Plan

Monday~ Abs and Back Circuit

Tuesday~Arms and Leg Circuit


Thursday~ Kickboxing

Friday~Abs and Back Circuit

Saturday~ Arms and Leg Circuit

Sunday~ Wallpapering the Dining Room


I’m trying a different approach this week.  I’ve written up two different circuit workouts.  If I do the 2 rounds of the circuits with a quick warm-up and cool-down they each take about 20 minutes.  I am by no means a personal trainer.  I just choose moves that I can do but are still difficult.  You know, the ones that you love to hate.  I’m going to try really hard to do this first thing in the morning, that way my workout is over and done with before I’ve even had my coffee.  I’m not really a morning person so this plan could be doomed to fail.

Abs and Back Circuit

20 reverse alternating toe touches

10 sets of airplanes

20 Superman

Windmill 5# 10 each side

Rows 10# 15 each side


Arms and Leg Circuit

25# kettlebell swings 25

20 alternating lunges with bi-cep curls

hold a wall squat while doing 20 overhead presses

10 pushups on medicine ball

20 straight leg bench dips


I’m planning on having a really healthy and fit week.  I wish you one as well!