Last night there was a holiday party at my local Zumba studio. The event was called Denim and Diamonds. You were asked to wear your best jeans and heels and dust yourself in diamonds.

One of the crew members sells jewelry and she was hosting a party with 20% of the profits going to another crew member who recently lost their house in a fire. This group is so amazing and supportive. This crew has hosted many many fundraisers raising thousands of dollars over the past year. It’s truly amazing.

There were so many beautiful and sparkly items to choose from. I am eyeing this one necklace but am holding off on buying it until after the holidays. I did purchase some festive earrings. I have a soft spot for crystals and snowflakes. Plus it comes with two other earring options.

At the party we had a wine glass exchange. Everyone that wanted to brought a wine glass and then got to bring home a wine glass. I LOVE mine!

How cute is he? For some reason I kept calling him a snowman last night. Probably the wine taking. I didn’t take a picture of the food because it was pretty dark but it was all amazing. So many healthy options and amazing desserts. I had some kale salad and fresh bruschetta and better than sex cake plus some other dips and fruit. Everything was delicious.

I was tempted to grab the wine glass I brought during the exchange because I loved it so much. One of my good friends,who is photographing our wedding, ended up with it. At least I know it’s going to a good home.

It was a great party. What’s not to like about good food, Zumba music, wine, wonderful people, sparkly jewelry and high heels? Anytime I get together with this crew it’s a good time.

Today Matt and I will be working in our dining room. We’re so close to getting the paintable wallpaper up. Then we get to paint and finally rip out the nasty dirty carpet in there. I can’t believe that I’m excited to be doing house repairs but I can’t wait to have a nice dining room. I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. I’ll be back tonight with my weekly meal and fitness plans.

I’ll get started once Ms. Pearl lets me.