Tonight Matt and I went for a little stroll in the neighborhood. Christmas can be such a wonderful time of year. I love when there’s a blanket of snow covering everything. It can also be a really entertaining time of year. I think my neighborhood has an unofficial rule of over decorating for the holidays. I couldn’t keep this splendor to myself.
While we were walking and taking in the seasonal sights we decided to give the most special houses unofficial awards. I apologize for the horrific photos you are about to see. My iPhone camera did not do these houses justice.

This house won the
Best Unintentional Face Award

Best Glowing Dog that Photographs Like a Ghost Award

Best Use Of Oldschool Colored Lights and Hottest Bulbs Awards

Best Village Award This was the sweetest house. The porch was completely decorated with a Christmas village. They had a huge angel in the corner and they even hung up some starry paper as a backdrop.

Saddest Train Award

Tipsiest Santa Award

Most Likely to Make You Buy a Coke Award

Iciest Icicles Award

Most Willowy Award

Most Playful Santa Award

Coyest Santa Award

There are these two houses across the street from each other that I believe are in competition for most decorations used on one house. There can only be one winner though.

Taking second place with a giant red M&M and blow up leg lamp is…


Most Likely to Make You Say Fragile While Eating Chocolate Award

The winner of the Most Decorations Used On One House Award boasts an inflatable Santa, inflatable Snowman, an inflatable Snoopy Scene and a Christmas timer that tracks to the second, all which are set amongst various lights.


This was actually a lot of fun. We were being totally ridiculous and really enjoyed looking at all the hard work our neighbors had done. My inner Clark Griswold was smiling ear to ear. I have a feeling this might become a new tradition for us and I fully recommend making yourself some spiked hot chocolate and taking your own holiday walk.