Want to hear a sad story with a happy ending about my dog?

We keep Punky, our Cairn Terrier, gated in the kitchen when we’re gone for the day. On Mondays Matt gets home before I do. Punky is always very excited when we come home and greets us jumping up and down and barking her little head off.

When Matt arrived home this past Monday Ms. Punky was barking and wiggling around but did not run over to greet him. Instead she was lying down on the heating vent. We have forced hot air and she loves to lay on it.

Poor Matt had no idea what the heck was happening to her that would prevent her from walking. So he walks over to her and tries to pick her up, but he can’t. She’s stuck! She somehow got her dog tag stuck in between the slats in the vents. We have no idea how long the poor thing was stuck there!

She’s safe and sound. I was really worried that she might have gotten burned from laying on the hot metal but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her. Thank god!

We’ve since removed her collar completely when we’re gone to prevent this from ever happening again.

I kind of thought that she might start to be afraid of the vents and stay away from them but no such luck. It’s still her favorite place to nap, after the couch that it is.