I had to skip my regular wednesday morning Zumba this week. Thank god there’s a night class! I took the opportunity to prep some food for the week.

Last night I roasted a butternut squash so I made some soup with it. The last time I made butternut squash soup I was pretty underwhelmed with it so this time I spiced it up with some smoked chipotle pepper and sweetened it with a red delicious apple. It tastes amazing! I can’t wait for my lunch tomorrow.

I also whipped up this quinoa salad.

Here it is with the vegetables and dried figs and apricots before I added the quinoa and dressing. I had some for my lunch today and its delicious. I’m also looking forward to eating from it all week.

I made garbanzo beans from scratch for the first time!

It’s a magical thing those beans. They can turn from inedible hard little balls to creamy hummus.

I’m pumped to have all my lunches for the week all set. Yay me!
I’ve been pretty unfocused lately and I think this was just what I needed to get back on track.