I started the day with a warm glass of filtered water. I’m not really sure why but I was positive that I would not be able to get it down. For some reason I just can’t stand to drink water in the morning unless I’m working out. It was surprisingly easy. About an hour later I had a small glass of chicken broth. This was harder to get down. I’m hoping this gets easier. I also had a giant bowl of butternut squash soup. That was yummy. I’m feeling pretty good this morning. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll fly through the intro diet but I’m prepared to stick with it as long as it takes.


For lunch I had a cauliflower soup with mushrooms and peas. I wanted it taste like risotto so badly but it was rather blah. This time my cup of broth was more room temperature and it was easier to drink.

I also had a couple of glasses of ginger iced tea that were sweetened with a little raw honey.

About mid-afternoon I started experiencing some detox symptoms but nothing unbearable, mostly a slight headache. I was even able to make it through a Zumba class, although I was starving by the end of it.

I had my last glass of broth and this time I added a little sea salt to it. That helped a bit but let me tell you, drinking broth is already getting old. I had a bowl of hamburger and vegetable soup and it was delicious! ( I added about a teaspoon of sauerkraut liquid to the soup. )


By the time I was done eating I was so sleepy that I just passed out on the couch. Overall I’m feeling pretty decent and I think I’ll move on to phase two tomorrow.