It’s been quite some time since I posted  my meal plan and fitness schedule for the week.  To be honest, I just haven’t been planning it out, which basically means I’ve been leaving it to chance and what I felt like doing at the time.  This is never good.  I don’t end up pushing myself physically and my meals end up being something thrown together followed by a boat load of chocolate.  So I’m back on the planning bus.


Monday- Steak with mushrooms and onions, fresh corn

Tuesday- Lemon roasted chicken and vegetables from the cookbook Against All Grain pg. 212

Wednesday-Sesame Crusted Salmon from the blog Primally Inspired

Thursday- Prosciutto Wrapped Pesto Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes from the blog Primally Inspired

Friday- Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos from the cookbook Against All Grain

pg. 200

Lunch to go

chicken salad made from leftover roasted chicken

chopped green salad


Sunday- 2.31 mile run (super proud of myself for getting back out there!)

Monday- Miner Combat (super excited for a new wonderful trainer!)

Tuesday-Yoga flow (how long have I been saying I want to get into yoga?  I’m finally doing it!)

Wednesday- Zumba (my favorite!)

Thurday-Rest day

Friday- Run or Buti fitness DVD