Today was a the perfect fall day. The weather is amazing. It’s in the mid seventies and clear blue skies with a slight breeze. It’s that perfect temperature where you just want to be outside. I’m so happy that today was my day off. The day started out wonderfully. I got to sleep in and Pearl was all snuggled up with me.

She’s so fluffy I could die!

I woke up feeling rested and calm. I think Tuesday night yoga really helps me sleep peacefully. In my book there’s not much that can beat a good night’s sleep ( or a cat nap in the afternoon.) I was sipping my cup of coffee and got this sudden burst of motivation to try the Buti workout DVDs I got awhile ago.

I was hot and sweaty and regretting that cup of coffee while doing it but afterwards I felt great. I made myself an amazing breakfast of omelette with ricotta cheese, tomato and spinach and a waffle smothered in pumpkin almond butter and sliced banana. Not my typical breakfast but so delicious. I wish I had time to make it every morning. The only photo I snapped of it was my tea.

I spent the entire afternoon picking raspberries. A local orchard posted on their Facebook wall yesterday that if you brought your own container then you could pick raspberries for free. So me and my sister-in-law picked 4 gallon sized freezer bags worth. Our hands were stained and our arms are covered in scratches but we’ll have perfect raspberries all winter long. I love getting to spend time with her.

I took the monkey dog for a walk when I got home. We decided to head up the hill. On one of the side streets there were a bunch of apples all over the ground that had fallen from a tree. I’m not going to lie, if I had a free hand I would have a snagged a few.

We headed back down the hill and on the corner was a beautiful garden with these really funky plants that looked like they could have been in the Willy Wonka movie.

I was gushing about them and the owner happened to be outside working on another part of the garden. He was so sweet and let me get close up to take pictures. He even let Punky kiss him all over. He told me the plant is called Burgmansia. They’re a tropical plant so he digs them up before the first frost and stores them in the basement. My older brother is an avid gardener and I couldn’t wait to send him a photo and see if he knew about them. He said he has one himself. I guess I should probably pay more attention when I go to his house.

I love beautiful fall days that start with no plan and end with delicious food, new friends and quality time spent with old friends.