Last week I really stuck to the meal plan for all the dinners.  I went a little crazy with desserts and snack though.  For some reason I was surrounded by baked goods and had no willpower to say no.  As a result my eczema came back.  I literally woke up Friday morning with my face on fire and itchy.  I guess I just need to learn things the hard way.  So this week I’m just going to concentrate on healing foods and being as good to my body as I can.



Monday- Grilled chicken with mixed veggies

Tuesday-Orange Salmon with broccoli and red pepper and rice pilaf

Wednesday- Chicken in pasta sauce over rigatoni (I’ll serve mine over zucchini), garden salad and garlic cauliflower bread sticks

Thursday- Pork tenderloin with roasted sweet potatoes

Friday- Stuffed peppers made in the crock pot



Sunday- Yoga flow class (it was awesome!)

Monday- Miner combat class

Tuesday- Pilates (a new studio opened up right near my work) and Yoga flow (I’ve got to go when I can!)

Wednesday- Zumba

Thursday- run or rest day

Friday- Buti fitness DVD