Sorry to post this so late but it was Matt’s birthday and we celebrated all week-end.  It was great to spend time with my husband and friends and eat delicious not so healthy food.  It’s weird but when I indulge it makes me crave healthier foods so it’s actually pretty easy to focus on the foods that I know will make my body and mind happy.  Plus my eczema is on fire and I want to put that fire out before I scratch my skin off lol.


Tuesday- Butternut squash soup (I’ve been craving this,  kind of a weird craving I know!)

Wednesday- Zucchini Lasagna from Skinnytaste

Thursday- Chinese Casserole (It’s a childhood favorite that Matt loves!!!)

Friday- Crockpot Sesame Honey Chicken over cauliflower rice from Skinnytaste

I’m really going to focus on fitness that I can do at home.  I feel like I’m spending a lot of money on classes lately and gym membership that I rarely use.  It sounds silly to not take advantage of something that I’ve already paid for but I want to prove to myself that I can get in great workouts on my own and not spend a fortune.  I really need to start cutting down on how much I’m spending in all areas of my life and start building our savings back up.  I have a huge workout DVD library and there are so many options online that are free and really challenging and I can run outside.  I would love to be one of those badass runners that runs year round regardless of snow and cold temperatures.