It’s only a week after Halloween but I wanted to share some of the looks I did. I went as a pop art girl. It was fun and I loved how it came out although my make-up did melt with every blow dry I did.

My sister-in-law went as a sugar skull, day of the dead or Dia de Muertos. I absolutely loved the way her look came out. It’s great to use fun colors, gems and shading techniques all in one face.

For my sister I did some greyscale make-up to make her look like a black and white photo. It was a last minute idea so we didn’t have ideal make-up to work with. I really struggled with the foundation but I know if I had had the right products it would have been flawless. I was still really happy with how it came out. When she put the wig on and all the accessories I didn’t even recognize her!

I bought wayyyy to much candy this year. Since it was a late night at work for me, Matt and Meagan handed out the candy. They said we had around 40 kids which is a good turnout. I’ve eaten so much of the leftover candy that I think I might turn into a snickers bar. It’s definitely time to get rid of it!
What did you go as? What was the most creative costume you saw this year? Did you wake-up with a sugar hangover the next day?