Last night I had these intentions for this morning.  I was going to hit the grocery store before my class at 9, we have a weekly class/meeting every Tuesday at the salon, and then I was going to go the gym right after class and do legs, abs and cardio.  It’s a great plan in theory, the grocery store would empty at that hour and the gym wouldn’t be packed either.  The reality is that I am NOT a morning person and I shut my alarm off instead of hitting snooze.  Then instead of getting ready for the day I sat and read the book I started last night.  I read for way too long and had to rush to get to class on time.  And then the worst part happened, there were donut holes and coffee cake.  Usually I am not really tempted by this type of stuff but since I hadn’t eaten a decent breakfast I dove in.


In the past I would have just given up on healthy eating and exercising and vowed to start back at it tomorrow.  But that’s not going to get me anywhere, so I just picked up the plan where I had left off.  After class I went to the grocery store and mostly stuck to my list.  I randomly purchased curry sauce and fish oil but no junk food made it into my cart.

1-14-14 014

One of my reusable bags did not make it home unscathed.  The handle ripped off and I had to tie it back together.  Luckily it held up until I got it in the house.

1-14-14 011

I made myself a nice healthy lunch and got ready for the gym.  I had a great workout and I feel all sorts of jiggily legged.  I even made it to Yoga tonight!  I haven’t been since before Christmas and it felt great to get centered with my body again.  It’s amazing how much flexibility I can loose in a month.


So that’s how I saved the day from being a complete and utter train wreck to my health.