I made it through my first week of Body for Life.  I killed the exercises but I totally failed on the nutrition part so my goal for this week is to cut out the sweets at the end of the night.  To be perfectly honest I don’t really agree with what they consider “healthy eating”, they rely on a lot of what I call frankenfoods (foods made of mostly chemicals).  What I do agree with is the focus on lean proteins and carbs for every meal and snack.  I have a hard time finding the time to actually eat snacks on the days that I’m at work so I’m going to try some really nutrient dense small snacks like protein balls.  This way I get the protein and carbs in a small amount of food.  Any snacks that you like that are bit sized?

1-19-2014 007

That’s the 3 bean chicken chili that I made last week.  It’s been a delicious lunch to have throughout the week.


Meal Plan

Monday- Matt’s choice (he likes to figure it out on the fly)

Tuesday- Pineapple Chicken Curry

Wednesday- Chicken and Butternut Casserole

Thursday- Grapefruit Marinated Fajitas

Friday- Crockpot Black Beans and Chicken Sausage over quinoa

Saturday- Date Night (yay!)


Exercise Plan

Sunday- Lower Body and Abs

Monday- HIIT on the treadmill

Tuesday- Upper Body and HITT on the treadmill

Wednesday- Lower Body and Abs, HITT on the treadmill and Zumba

Thursday- Rest day

Friday- Pilates DVD at home

Saturday- Rest day


I’m looking forward to another week filled with lots of exercise and delicious healthy food.  I’ve found it so incredibly helpful to have everything planned out ahead of time.  I find that I get so much done when I don’t have to figure it out on the fly.  What have you got going on for the week?