I’m watching the Grammy’s while I’m writing this post.  I am just completely awed by the power, the beauty and the talent that is Pink.  I am so motivated to become the most powerful version of myself after watching her performance.  You never know where you will find motivation!

I cannot believe that I’m starting my third week of Body for Life training!  I just had an incredible workout today and I left the gym feeling strong and sweaty and I know that I gave it everything that I have.  I’m feeling my body becoming stronger with every weight I lift.  I love this feeling.  I love knowing that even if I’m not able to finish my last rep that it doesn’t mean that I won’t ever be able to do lift it.  I just have to keep at it.  I’m starting to see my muscles forming while I’m working them and it’s like my body is giving me a glimpse of the toned and hard body that I could have.  I know that it is there, I only have to keep working for it.

I still dread the cardio portion though.  I make myself do it.  I count every minute that I’m on that treadmill and when I’m running the fastest intervals I’m counting every second that goes by.  I know that over time this will become easier and something that I crave and start to enjoy.  It just takes me longer to get into the running zone.  Running does not come naturally to me like dancing does but I do love how much it challenges me.  I love knowing that I finished something that was so hard for me.  I love dripping with sweat.  I love knowing that I conquered one of my fears.

I am having a little bit of pain in my right foot while running.  It bothers me the most when I’m running slower.  It starts at the top of my foot and by the end of my run my whole right calf and foot is in pain.  I have super tight calf muscles to begin with so I stretch them as much as I can and sometimes even stop mid-run to stretch.  My running shoes are pretty old so I just ordered some new ones.  Hopefully that helps.  Usually when I get back into running I suffer from shin splits so I guess I should be thankful that I’m not experiencing a constant pain like that.  I ordered the Minimus1010 from New Balance in a fun teal/white/aqua color.  w1010wb_nb_01_iI love that combination!  My last three pairs of running shoes have been Nike Freeruns so I’m a little nervous to try out something new.  I’ll let you know how they work out for me.

I’m still loving having my meals and fitness planned out and this week I need it more than ever.  At work we have a whole day of training which means I have one less day off this week and unfortunately I feel like I have more that I need to do.  Usually I would let this hectic schedule overwhelm me and just completely give up and sit my butt on the couch and drink way too much coffee and eat loads of junk food but just being able to see on paper (or a computer screen) how and where I am going to fit everything in gives me the knowledge that I can do this.  I do have the time.



Monday- crockpot red beans with chicken sausage over rice

Tuesday- Chickpea pizza with sausage and peppers and onions and a side salad

Wednesday- Indian Enchiladas

Thursday- Steak with mushrooms and onions and homemade french fries

Friday- Crockpot Asian lettuce wraps



Sunday- Upper Body and Cardio (Killed it!  My best work-out so far!)

Monday- Lower Body and Zumba

Tuesday- Yoga

Wednesday- Upper Body, Cardio and Zumba

Thursday- Rest day

Friday- Pilates DVD

Saturday- Rest


Last week I wanted to work on not eating sweets at the end of the day.  It went so-so.  I was good for a few days and then just lost it.  This week I’m going to have a cup of tea every night.  I plan on doing a Pilates DVD every Friday night and so far it hasn’t even made it into the DVD player so that is going to happen this week.  I’ve also got a review of all my work-outs for Body for Life so far.