Woohoo it’s February!  Boo to six more weeks of winter.  I really can’t believe how fast January went by.  The month is kind of a blur and I’m so thankful that I have this blog to remind what I’ve been doing.  This is my fourth week of Body for Life!  I’m still doing great with the exercise and blowing the nutrition part.  I’m so sick of my broken record!  I know this is a mental thing.  I just need to tap into the healthier part of my brain and be very conscious of everything that I’m putting into my body.  I’m going to start using an app to log all of my eats, don’t worry I won’t bore you with every bite that I take.  I think that having a black and white list of exactly what is going into my body will help me stay more focused.  I’ve done it in the past here and there and it was helpful.

I’ve been meal planning a few weeks at a time when I have more lounging around time so I was beyond excited to see what we would be eating this week.  It’s going to be a yummy week!!!  And it’s a two lower body work out week!!!  I think it’s going to be a pretty fantastic week.


Monday~ whatever Matt wants to make

Tuesday~ Pan seared Caribbean citrus Mahi Mahi with brown rice noodles

Wednesday~ Mango mojito chicken with coconut lime rice

Thursday~ Tacos with leftover coconut lime rice

Friday~ Crock pot cinnamon pork loin with parsnips

I’m a huge fan of vegetables but there are still quite a few that I’ve never really tried.  Over the past few years I’ve branched out a bit.  Once I try something new and I like it I become obsessed with it.  This year’s obsession is parsnips.  I can’t get enough of them!


Sunday~ Lower body, Abs and treadmill run

Monday~ possible Zumba class if I get out of work early

Tuesday~ Upper body and treadmill run

Wednesday~ Lower body, Abs, treadmill run and Zumba

Thursday~ rest day

Friday~ Yoga DVD at home

I am so sad, my yoga classes are cancelled until the Spring.  The place they were holding them don’t work so well in the winter.  The room is massive with super high ceilings and it’s really difficult to get the room warm which makes it super hard to get your body to loosen up.  Plus during savasana you would literally be shaking from the cold.  I’m really going to miss it though.  I got a DVD from netflix so I’m going to try to keep up with it at home.  What are your fitness plans?  Are you planning any yummy meals?  Are you making anything delicious for the Superbowl?