This past week I completed my fourth week of Body for Life!  We had quite a snow storm on Wednesday which is one of my days off and typically the day I do my last work-out of the week and Zumba but none of that happened this week.  Instead I got my butt to the gym after work and cranked out a pretty difficult lower body workout.  I was pretty proud of myself because my mind kept trying to get me to make changes to make it easier and I just wouldn’t give in.  I made myself at least try what I had planned and if I couldn’t do it then I would modify but you know what, I was able to do it!  The mind is so powerful and sometimes mine can be evil (or lazy) and I’m so happy that I stuck to the original workout.

Today I think we’re going to have a pretty low key day.  Matt is making us omelets for breakfast and my house smells so good right now.  Our poor cat keeps getting shocked every time we pet her.  We feel so bad.  I think we’re going to get a humidifier for the living room, where she hangs out most of the time and maybe some houseplants too.  Hopefully this helps.

This past week I was a lot more conscious of what I was eating and really tried to eat my food as slowly as possible and I think that has really helped me stay on track.  I also refuse to bring any junk food into the house.  If I want something sweet then I have a granola bar with some nut butter on top.  Hopefully I stay on this track.


Monday-whatever Matt wants to make

Tuesday- Honey mustard chicken with roasted brussels sprouts

Wednesday- Southwest Turkey meatballs with corn and black bean salsa

Thursday- Seared porkchops with apples and leeks

Friday- Matt has a super secret Valentine’s meal planned

Saturday- going out

Sunday- Turkey stew


Sunday- Upper body and Cardio

Monday- rest

Tuesday-Lower body, abs and cardio

Wednesday- Upper body, abs, cardio and Zumba

Thursday- rest

Friday- Yoga

I’m hoping for another great week of workouts, healthy eating and spending some quality time with my love.