Week 6 = half-way point!  I’m so pumped to be at the half-way mark.  I’m not going to lie, this was a hard week for me.  I ended up working an extra day to fit more clients in before I took a week off to have my wisdom teeth extracted.  I stayed up late every night to watch the Olympics.  I ate a lot of chocolate every single night, you know so it wouldn’t be around to tempt me anymore. 😉  I started the 7th week of body for life early so I wouldn’t try to push my recovery time AND I started training for my first half-marathon!  So yeah, it was one heluva week!

Even though I had my plate full it was a great week and I’m so happy that I made it through.  Looking back I think I should have gotten more sleep and gave away some chocolates.  I like knowing that I can push myself harder and that I’m getting stronger with every workout.

February 16, 2014 Lower Body, Abs and Cardio

leg extensions: 12X @ 35#, 10X @ 40#, 8X @ 45#, 6X @ 50#, 12X @ 35#

leg press: 12X @ 120#

seated leg curl: 12X @ 35#, 10X @ 40#, 8X @ 45#, 6X @ 50#, 12X @ 35#

deadlifts: 12X @ 20#

This was tough but good.  The machine is an awkward fit because my legs are so short.  Next time I’ll roll up my sweatshirt and put it behind me.

cable kickbacks: 12X @ 10#, 10X @ 15#, 8X @ 20#, 6X @ 25#, 12X @ 10#

wall sit: 45 seconds

Started out WAY too heavy and I couldn’t do more than 15#.  My legs were shaking so bad!  Next time start at 5#.  The wall sit almost killed me!

crunches with the basic formula: 12X, 10X, 8X, 6X, 12X

lower leg crunch: 12X

Treadmill Run:  This was my first half-marathon training run.  I needed to do 3 miles and I wanted to do the intervals that are set up in Body for Life.  I did a five minute warm-up and cool down.  I did this sequence 6 times, 4.2 mph, 4.7 mph, 5.2 mph, 5.7 mph, 6.2 mph.  I did 3.25 miles in 40 minutes!

February 18, 2014 Upper Body and Cardio

incline dumbbell flyes:  12X @ 15#, 10X @ 20#, 8X @ 25#, 6X @ 30#, 12 X @ 15#

dumbbell press: 12X @ 15#

I thought this would be impossible to do completely but I surprised myself and did it ALL!

dumbbell rows: 12X @ 20#, 10X @ 25#, 8X @ 30#, 6X @ 35#, 12X @ 20#

lat pulldowns: 12X @ 27.5#

Felt great, go heavier with the weights next time.

side raises: 12X @ 5#, 10X @ 10#, 8X @ 15#, 6X @ 20#, 12X @ 5#

front raise: 12X @ 5#

Barely did it.  I’m wondering if I should start with lighter weights?  I just don’t seem to be getting any stronger in my shoulders.

hammer curl: 12X @ 5#, 10X @ 10#, 8X @ 15#, 6X @ 20#, 12X @ 5#

alternating bi-cep curls: 12X @ 5#

YAY!  I did it all!

cable tri-cep pushdown: 12X @ 15#, 10X @ 20#, 8X @ 25#, 6X @ 30#, 12X @ 15#

over head dumbbell extension: 12X @ 15#

On fire!

Treadmill run:  Again my training plan called for 3 miles.  I did my usual 5 minute warm-up.  I had intended to follow my last runs same interval but I was feeling cocky and like I should be able to run faster than that.  Well that was a huge mistake.  I was seriously gased out half way through and had to take walking and stretching breaks.  I felt like I was clawing my way to 3 miles but I did it.

February 19, 2014 Lower Body, Abs, Cardio and Zumba

leg extensions: 12X @ 35#, 10X @ 40#, 8X @ 45#, 6X @ 50#, 12X @ 35#

lunges: 12X @ 15#

Definitely go with heavier weights next time.

seated leg curls: 12X @ 35#, 10X @ 40#, 8X @ 45#, 6X @ 50#, 12X @ 35#

deadlifts: 12X @ 20#

Go heavier next time.

stability ball supine 90 degrees bridge: 12X, 10X, 8X, 6X, 12X

wall sit 45 seconds

I had planned on using the cable machine to do my glute work but they were full so I had to switch it up.  I am so glad I did!  This was fun and challenging!

Treadmill run:  The usual warm-up and cool down for 2 minutes each.  Then I repeated this sequence four times, 4.3 mph, 4.8 mph, 5.3 mph, 5.8 mph, 6.3 mph for one minute each.  This is the fastest speed that I’ve ran in a long time!  I did 1.99 miles in 24 min.

I’m happy with the effort that I put in this week.  I still feel like I should push it harder with some of the weights and I’m still struggling with the beginning weights for my shoulders and biceps.  I don’t really know why I’m not progressing in those areas but I’ll continue to try my best.