Last week I had my wisdom teeth extracted and then promptly came down with the flu.  I was sweet and gave it to Matt as a thank-you for taking care of me.  Needless to say there was zero fitness going on last week and I’m going to take it pretty easy this week as well.  I did make-up for a few hours at a Hair and Spa show and I barely made it home before falling asleep.  I’m scared to see how my first day back at work is going to go tomorrow.  My mouth didn’t really get swollen from the extractions but it’s still healing and I’m really nervous to eat anything other than yogurts and soft breads.  I know once I’m all healed and can really enjoy all foods my energy will be back so that’s why I’m not going to push myself to hard.  I’ll do what I can.

While I was laid up I found a blog that every year for Lent she cleans out one area of her home per day.  I lost where I found it but she calls it something like 40 bags in 40 days.  Anyways, it inspired me to look around my cluttered house and write out a list of areas that need some major attention.  One of those areas is our freezer.  Matt is forever complaining about frozen food falling on his foot.  So I took stock of what the heck was in there and that’s what inspired this week’s meal plan.

castyn fddance 115


Monday~ Steak with mushroom and onions

Tuesday~Basil, Asiago and Pine Nut Ravioli with smoked turkey

Wednesday~ Enchilada Pie

Thursday~ English Muffin Pizzas and salad

Friday~ leftovers

I cannot believe that we have 5 packages of English muffins!  I don’t even normally eat them!


Monday~ resting

Tuesday~ 3 mile run and Upper Body

Wednesday~ 3 mile run, Lower Body, Abs and Zumba

Thursday~ 3 mile run if I don’t do it on Wednesday

I have fun things planned both Friday and Saturday night but come Sunday I’ll be back to the gym full force.