So this is a little late since I like to post these on Sunday but life gets busy and sometimes you just get to things when you can.  I had a really fun week-end.  Friday night Matt and I, with our friends Care and Russ, went to see the comedienne Loni Love.

We’ve watched her on Chelsea Lately a million times and when we saw she was coming to Pittsfield we bought tickets right away.  She was hilarious and inspirational.  It was a great night with great people.

Then on Saturday night we went to a paint and sip party put on by the Progressive Palette. It was their first party and I was psyched to get to go.  We were guided step by step how to paint a hill landscape and they encouraged you to make it your own and switch up the colors and mostly to just have fun with it.  I was surprised how much I liked my painting and I was blown away by how amazing Matt’s painting came out.  His apple trees are fantastic and I love how swirly the sky is!

hill painting 014

My painting isn’t as great as Matt’s is but I really liked the whole process and I can’t wait to do it again.  In fact I’m signed up to do a whimsical tree painting in a few weeks.

hill painting 015

Then on Sunday morning I went to brunch with a few of the girls from work.  It was a bittersweet time.  I always have a great time with my co-workers but we were there to say to good-bye to one of our receptionists, Jenna.  I’m going to miss that girl so much!  I love week-ends that are jammed pack with fun!

Last week we ate out of our freezer and this week we are doing the same thing.  It’s been really nice to open the freezer door and not have anything fall out and smash your foot.  And there’s more room for ice cream. 😉


Monday~ leftovers from Sunday’s cheesy Italian Chicken and tater tots (sometimes you just have to have tater tots)

Tuesday~ Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken

Wednesday~ Vegged Up Shepherd’s Pie

Thursday~ Ribs and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Friday~ Leftovers

I realized that I was making a bit too much food during the week and we were throwing away quite a bit of it.  So now I’m trying to make Friday night “leftovers” night.  Sorry Matt (he’s not a fan of leftovers, unless it’s something really delicious).  My plan should not only save me some money but also some time, which I am a huge fan of.


Sunday~ 5 mile run (thought I might die but I got through it)

Monday~ Upper Body, 2 mile run and Zumba

Tuesday~ Lower Body and Abs

Wednesday~ Upper Body, 4 mile run and Zumba

Thursday~ Rest

Friday~ Yoga DVD

Saturday~ Rest