This week is a more normal work week for me and I’m so thankful for that.  I feel like I actually have time to plan out our eats and my workout routine.  I learned from last week and I’ve spaced out my workouts.  I’m hoping that this helps preserve my legs.  I literally felt like they were going to just completely freeze up on me and that’s an awful feeling.  I’m really struggling with running longer distances on the treadmill and I would LOVE  if Spring would just get here already!  Any tips on increasing mileage on a treadmill is much appreciated.


Monday~ Matt made the most delicious Corned Beef and Cabbage in the crockpot!

Tuesday~Parmesan Red Pepper Fish, oven potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts

Wednesday~ Stuffed Chicken and tossed green salad

Thursday~ Pork chops and mixed veggies

Friday~ leftovers

my lunch~ Quinoa salad with asparagus, peas, avocado and lemon basil dressing

I decided instead of always eating the leftovers for my lunches I would just make something that would keep all week and wouldn’t have to be microwaved.


Sunday~ 6 mile run (I hated every minute of this run!) 😦

Monday~ Lower Body and Abs

Tuesday~ Upper Body and 4 mile run (possibly outside if the weather warms up like it’s supposed to.)

Wednesday~ Lower Body, Abs and Zumba

Thursday~ 3 mile run

Friday~ Yoga DVD ( I really REALLY need to do this!)

Saturday~ 7 mile run (maybe do this on Sunday if I get out of work late, which is likely to happen.)

So that’s the plan for the week.  Plus a lot of cleaning and organizing of my house.  I should really get a house-keeper for the weeks that I have all day class.  I’m really going to try to stay positive during all of my runs this week.  I want to get to the place in my running that I start to crave it.  I feel like that’s a long way off but I have a feeling that once I’m able to get outside things will change pretty quickly.