I can’t believe that I only have 2 more weeks left of Body for Life!  I feel like it’s become my normal routine to plan out my workouts and head to the gym.  I think it’s really helped to distract me from this never ending winter that we’re all enjoying in the Northeast.  This was a week of tough and challenging weights and distances.  I’m really happy with my progress.  I think changing the way I think during my runs has helped tremendously.  I wouldn’t say that I’m at the point where I look forward to running but I also no longer dread them.  I’ve also changed my mind on upper body workouts, I love them!  I have to say I look forward to the weeks with 2 upper body workouts.  I didn’t think I would ever think that way.  I got this week’s gym sessions started a little early, right after work on Saturday.

March 22, Upper Body

dumbbell press: 12X @ 20#, 10X @ 25#, 8X @ 30#, 6X @ 35#, 12X @ 20#

fly machine: 12X @ 55#

Chest: I did all reps but felt pretty weak by the end.

cable rows: 12X @ 20#, 10X @ 27.5#, 8X @ 35#, 6X @ 42.5#, 12X @ 20#

dual pulley pulldown: 12X @ 20#

Increase weights next time.

shoulder press machine: 12X @ 25#, 10X @ 30#, 8X @ 35#, 6X @ 40#, 12X @ 25#

dumbbell front raise: 12X @ 15#

Shoulders: Increase weight on the machine.  The dumbbells were a struggle.

Bi-cep curl machine: 12X @ 30#, 10X @ 35#, 8X @ 40#, 6X @ 45#, 12X @ 30#

hammer curls: 12x @ 15#

Bi-cep: Increase weights next time.

lying tri-cep extensions: 12X @ 20#, 10X @ 25#, 8X @ 30#, 6X @ 35#, 12X @ 20#

dumbbell kickbacks: 12X @ 20#

Tri-ceps: Totally burnt out by the end!

March 23, 7 Mile Run

I did 7 miles on the treadmill.  I’m not sure how much time it took me because I paused to stretch my calves and didn’t start again so the treadmill reset itself.  I felt great during this run and took minimal walking breaks.  The best part of this run?  When I got home Matt took this picture of me.

iphone 110I guess I sweat pink. 😉

March 24, Lower Body and Abs

pile squats: 12X @ 45#, 10X @ 50#, 8X @ 55#, 6X @ 60#, 12X @ 45#

leg extensions: 12X @ 50#

seated leg curls: 12X @ 60#, 10X @ 65#, 8X @ 70#, 6X @ 75#, 12X @ 60#

deadlifts: 12X @ 25# in each hand

stability ball bridges: 12X, 10X, 8X , 6X, 12X

wall sit: 1 1/2 min

twisting crunch on stability ball: 12X, 10X, 8X, 6X, 12X

crunch on stability ball: 12X

My abs were sore until Thursday!  I’m not sure why that happened but I kind of like when my abs get sore like that.  I feel like my six pack is going to pop out.

March 25, 4 Mile Run

Did 4 miles (without any walking breaks) in 52 min.  Yeah I know I’m a slow runner but whatevs, I’m lapping everyone sitting on the couch.

March 26, Upper Body and Zumba

dumbbell press: 12X @ 25#, 10X @ 30#, 8X @ 35#, 6X @ 40#, 12X @ 25#

dumbbell fly: 12X @ 25#

Chest: So, so hard!  I had super poor form on the heaviest set and could only lift and lower about half way.

dumbbell rows: 12X @ 25#, 10X @ 30#, 8X @ 35#, 6X @ 40#, 12X @ 25#

dual pulley pulldown: 12X @20#

Back: This got hard.  My left side is definitely the weaker side.

shoulder press machine: 12X @ 30#, 10X @ 35#, 8X @ 40#, 6X @ 45#, 12X @ 30#

front raise: 12X @ 15#

Shoulders: I was literally grunting.  Glad they didn’t throw me out of PFit.

hammer curls: 12X @ 10#, 10X @ 15#, 8X @ 20#, 6X @ 25#, 12X @ 10#

alternating bi-cep curls: 12X @ 10#

Bi-ceps: I could only do 6X @ 20# and couldn’t even fully do one rep at 25# but I kept trying.

dumbbell kickbacks: 12X @15#, 10X @ 20#, 8X @ 25#, 6X @ 30#, 12X @ 15#

overhead extension: 12X @ 20#

Tri-ceps: Not bad until I got to the heaviest set.

March 27, 3 Mile Run

Well this was supposed to be 3 miles but it was actually only 2 miles.  It’s so hard for me to run after standing in heels all day.  Plus I feel like a had a pulled or pinched muscles in my back/butt on the right side.  It started bothering me the night before during Zumba and I hoped that running would make it feel better.  It did not.  So I cut out early and took a nice hot shower and did some stretching.  Woke-up the next morning feeling better.


This seems like so much more work when I type it out but it was actually a lot of fun.  I like that I’m challenged with the weights and my running.  It feels amazing when you can lift a weight that you couldn’t a few weeks ago and I love that I am, so far, able to increase my runs every week.  I’m hoping that next week’s workouts go just as smoothly!