So I’ve been doing the Whole30 for 10 days now and I feel pretty darn good. I’m lucky that I didn’t have any severe headaches or anything. I don’t want to jinx anything but so far it hasn’t been all that hard.

I’ve made a lot of changes to my daily routine and they’ve all been really postive. Not just for me but for Matt as well. We eat dinner at the table now and it’s been amazing how much more we talk and share about our day when we don’t have a computer or tv to distract us. Eating at the table has led to actually doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I make my breakfast in the morning right after I take care of the dog, so in order to have time to cook I shower at night now. I think the nighttime shower makes me sleepy and therefore I’m going to bed a little bit earlier than usual so I’m getting more sleep. So yeah my life is getting easier in a way thanks to all the changes I’ve made.

Speaking of changes, my skin is brighter and smoother. It took such a beating this winter. It feels so good! One of the reasons I decided to do the whole30 is because my skin kept freaking out, especially in and around my underarms. I think I was having allergic reactions but to what, I have no clue. That seems to be going away.

I am starting to miss some of my favorite foods, mostly chocolate chip cookies. I wouldn’t say I’m craving sweets like I used to but I am noticing their absence. I’ve had loads of yummy food and that has helped me stay on track.




I had originally thought I would post my meals daily but I’m usually pretty tired by the time I get to sit down and write but I will let you know how the next 20 days go. Fingers crossed it stays as doable as it’s been!>