I love when Easter is on a gorgeous spring day like today. I feel like you can officially wear sandals now. But first I have to polish my toes. Running definitely ruins my pedicure, small price to pay.

The Easter bunny was very good to us this year. Matt got a basket filled with grilling supplies.

That fabulous bunny left me a pot filled with herb seeds, gardening tools, cinnamon bears and 2 chocolate bunnies from a local chocolate shop. One is their plain chocolate, which I got last year and it’s the best chocolate bunny I’ve ever had. The other is a toffee bunny. I’m a freak for toffee. I don’t know how long I can wait to eat them!


I did my 10 miler today. It felt good to be out running in the sun. I was slightly faster than last week. I was hoping to be more in the 10 1/2 min pace but it was in the 12 min range. I felt alright until about 7 miles and then my right hip started to hurt. I tried to stretch it but it didn’t really help. So I did the best I could.

I took a little cat nap when I got home.



Who can say no to snuggling with this pretty kitty?

Matt was busy while I was out running. He filled my raised bed with soil so I could plant my seedlings.

He was also busy getting the smoker going and cooking our pork tenderloin. He made us the most fantastic Easter meal, smoked tenderloin and ribs and roasted Brussels sprouts. It was excellent! I’m a lucky lady to have such a great guy.

Now we’re watching an old movie, Easter Parade, starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, which so far is amazing. I hope you guys had a great and relaxing Easter!