Matt and I had a great long week-end filled with dancing, yummy food and lots of time together. Saturday night we watched our niece in her dance recital. She did an amazing job. I was so proud of her. She’s a teacher assistant for a ballet class and she led one of the dances and she was so sweet and happy throughout the whole dance.

She’s almost as tall as me, which isn’t hard to do, but still! She’s growing up so fast.

I haven’t done much running since the half marathon and after brunch with a co-worker I was reading on our front porch and contemplating going for a run. There was a young couple that kept running by, which is super impressive because my hill is a beast, and then there was a cyclist riding by and I swear they were taunting me. So I got my shoes on and headed out. I really want to increase my speed so I was pushing myself and doing a great job. I usually use the mapmyrun app but it hasn’t been working all that well for me lately. My sister uses the nike running app so I tried that one out. I really liked it! I love that your mileage and pace are displayed the entire time and pauses when you pause. It was insanely hot out though and it was the first time that I had to call Matt to come and get me. I got a good 4 miles in before I gave up though.

I literally sat with an ice pack behind my head for 15 minutes to cool off. It felt so good!

We had an anniversary/ double graduation party to attend held at a good friend’s house. They always host the best cookouts. The food is ridiculously good and varied. But the desserts, freaking incredible. I ate everything way too fast to snap any pictures but let’s just say turtle cheesecake bites and lemon blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting. I would kill to have more of each. But the treat I was waiting for all day ……..

SMORE’S!!! These are what summers are made for.

I had a blast with these fabulous ladies and many other terrific people. We played corn hole and polish horseshoes and the night ended with a private dance party with crazy lights and music by DJ Swiss Miss. He played so many hits that I had forgotten about.

But the best part of my week-end was spending time with my husband. I love sipping coffee on our front porch in the mornings while reading and chatting with Matt. There is seriously nothing better than that.

So now I have to get back in the swing of things and hit up the grocery store, clean the house and maybe even lift some weights. I hope you all had a fantastic time too.