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So this week’s work-outs weren’t what I was hoping for.  I’ll break it down by day.

  • Monday-  Bi-cep, tri-cep, shoulder and back workout.  I came up with an exercise for each area and created a circuit and did the circuit twice.  Used #5 and #8 weights and took about 45 min.  Plus I got up at 6:15 so brownie points for myself.  Winning!
  • Tuesday- It was absolutely gorgeous outside so I took Monkey on a 1.35 mile walk around the neighborhood.  She was so cute.  She kept looking back at me with this huge puppy grin.
  • Wednesday-  Did my neighbor hood route.  Started out great and ran up most of State Rd. but had to take a walking break because I was starting to feel dizzy.  Tried to recover and run again but I could not catch my breath.  I’m not sure why it was such a bad run.  I had made a new play list so I was really pumped and it was nice and warm out.
  • Thursday- I had planned on working out after work but was exhausted by the time I got out.  I was asleep by 9:30.
  • Friday- Felt like I was hit by a Mack truck.  Instead of exercising I took a hot bath, sipped some tea, took some advil and went to bed early.
  • Saturday-  I had to work early and then help Amber party prep after work.  Seriously didn’t seat down until about 8 that night.
  • Sunday-  Absolutely did NOTHING.  We celebrated Luiz’s 30th with a big brunch and lots of booze and baked goods.

 I have a lot of room for improvement this coming week.  I’d like to get 3 weight sessions, 3 cardio sessions and 1 yoga/stretching session in.


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