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It seems like Matt and I will go weeks without any fun plans on the calendar and then there will be one week-end when everything is going on.  This past week-end was one of those week-ends and it was a blast.  Saturday we celebrated one of my high school friend’s 30th Birthday.  It was great to have the old crew back.  Karen is big on board games and brought quite the assortment.  The game table is not to be confused for the food table!

We only ended up playing two games but it was so much fun.  Have you heard of 5 second rule?  Basically you are given a subject and you only 5 seconds to come up with three answers.  If you can’t do it in 5 seconds the next person goes but they cannot repeat any of the previously used answers.  Sounds simple but it’s crazy how you just freeze and can’t even get one answer out let alone three.  The other game we played was Hilarium and it’s my new favorite game of all time.  Matt really enjoyed it as well.  This game is kind of like a match game and charades blended together.  Everyone is given the same amount of cards.  The cards have a specific scenario on them.  You basically have to act out your scenarios and match them to the other person that has that same scenario and then you put that card down.  Whoever makes all their matches first is the winner.  It’s crazy fun because you have all these people acting all nuts and then they suddenly click with someone and stop.  I need to find this game!

Sunday morning I went to my good friend Amanda’s baby shower.  It was at one of my favorite restaurants and it was “A Very Hungry Caterpillar” theme.  How cute is that caterpillar cake?  Her mom even made these cute mason jar caterpillar favors.

I loved how they had a display table for presents.  It was cool to see what she got and not have to sit for an hour watching her open presents.

Here’s my present for Kendall.

I had a lot of fun making her crayon art and I hope that she enjoys her beach outfit.

The food was just as tasty as it always is.

Since the shower was at a restaurant with a full bar we got ourselves some Mimosas with cranberry juice instead of OJ.  They were delicious!

After the shower I had fully intended to hit the gym and get in a full body workout and do some running but those plans flew out the window when Matt and I got an invite for a late lunch with my older brother and his fantastic girlfriend.  My sister and her husband joined us as well.  We always have a great time when we get together.

The weather was warm and sunny and completely responsible for me ordering a Margarita.  So good!  My brother Jason is quite a foodie and ordered some muscles for the table.  I’ve never tried them because they look funky to me!  But since they were there I decided to give it a go.

They were AMAZING!  Why have I waited so long to try these?  I wish I had a picture of my sister when I was eating them.  She looked so disgusted and terrified at the same time.  Unfortunately our lunch was cut a bit short.  Our Meme wasn’t feeling well so we all went to spend some time with her.  She’s doing much better now.

How was your week-end?  Do you also tend to have a lot going on at the same time or are you better at scheduling then I am?




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