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I tried to find a hot minute in the morning before my mad dash to get out of the house and to work on time to take some shots of my hair and make-up.  I’m really fortunate to work in a creative place where I’m encouraged to have fun with my look and express myself however I like.  If I want to shave half my head, FANTASTIC!  If I decide to color my hair in a peacock feather pattern, even better!  (That would be pretty amazing BTW!)  Really the crazier the better.  Unfortunately I am just not an “edgy” person.  I love and appreciate bolder and more adventurous looks but I just feel silly when I try to go there.  I feel like I’m dressing up for Halloween.  Even though I can’t pull these looks off it doesn’t mean that I can’t draw inspiration from them.  It’s so easy to get in a rut with your hair and make-up routine and put on the same black pants and top.  But that’s boring and my clients come for more than the same old same old.  They expect me to be put together and look a little different every time they see me.  They crave a little change themselves and sometimes they just need a little inspiration.  As do I.  So thank-you to all the ladies that push the envelope and challenge the trends and inspire me.  Here are some of my attempts to shake up my look a bit.

Some simple make-up, loose waves and a messy waterfall braid.

Blow-out with a large round brush and side swept bangs and rocking a brighter blush.

Big bun with my fringe pulled back and a serious smokey eye.  I also played around with more contouring all over my face than I normally do.  I got a lot of wonderful comments about this look at work that day.  One of the salon clients even said that I looked like J. Lo.  I don’t really think so but it was nice to hear anyways.

Here’s another blow-out with a bit more texture to it and a middle part which I haven’t really worn since high school.  I think this looks so different than I normally do.  It was wonderful to not have hair in my eye too!  I also did another smokey eye but with very soft brown hues so I would say this was more a “natural smokey eye” if there is such a thing.

I am loving the Grammy’s this year!  So many wonderful performances and touching wishes for Whitney Houston.  I am for sure getting some great inspiration.  RIP Whitney and enjoy the rest of your week-end everyone!




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