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This time of year my inbox is inundated with holiday offers of huge savings.  I normally trash them but for some reason I clicked on one from the Gap.  I wasn’t taken with anything for me, GASP!  I was however really into some of their girl’s clothes.  Not in a creepy way though, more in a “why don’t they make this in my size?!” kind of way.  They make some seriously fun clothes for girls now.cn5530892I would totally wear this.  Pair it with a plain tee, some dark tights and flats for a flashy daytime look or add some heels and spaghetti strap tank for night.cn5625758For some reason I have become obsessed with giant heart sweaters.  This tee is so sweet and fun with all the different colored sequins.

cn5667232This chevron sweater kills me.  I love everything about it.  It conjures up images of sipping cocoa after hours of playing in the snow.   All I need is some dark skinny jeans, furry boots and a red hat and scarf.  (and some snow and time off to play in it)

cn5520011This color block sweater dress is sophisticated and fun.  I love the color combination and the buttons on the shoulders.  I was going to order this for my niece but they only had it left in an extra large.  Which made me wonder if I would fit into an extra large, which made me wonder what would I do if I was wearing it and ran into an actual 8 year old who was also wearing it.  AKWARD

cn5625945Too many things to love about this dress.  First of all it’s completely made of sequins.  Second, it’s ombre!  And third, it’s a shift style, which is my favorite dress shape of all time.

cn5481290Lastly there was this adorable cape.  I don’t know any little girls that wear capes but it’s a trend I could fully support.  Not only is the color great but it has pockets.  Form and function!


I tip my hat to you Gap.  Is it weird that I just wrote an entire post about wanting to wear clothes made for little girls?  Oh well, if loving Gap girl’s clothes is wrong I don’t want to be right.


I recently completed a huge closet cleanse where I got rid of over half my wardrobe.  It was crazy how much I gave away but it’s crazier how much is still left.  Experts say to spend on quality over quantity but for me that just does not work.  If I can wear an item more than once to work without it getting bleached out or stained with color it’s a miracle.  So spending a lot of money on my work clothes is crazy!  Yet I still have to look amazing at work so I like shopping at stores like TJ Maxx,  Forever 21 and Banana Republic Outlet.  These stores are fantastic because they’re trendy, inexpensive and decent quality.  This means I can look great at work and not cry if I ruin my outfit.

I’ve been trying to evolve my style to a more simple, classic and edgy look.  I tend to gravitate towards more girly and overly feminine pieces which is really pretty and I still like for my non working wardrobe.  My work look is more about fitted tailored pieces that are easy to mix and match but still have a bit of interest to them.  I’m also trying to switch to a more black/grey/white/cream color pallet which is huge for me.  Here are few items that have caught my eye.

These boots have a slight wedge heel and are perfect for the end of my work day when my feet are killing me but I have that one last client.

I love these black velvet pants.  The fabric makes them different from all my other black pants and I love the skinny cut.  Plus I have the same heels shown with the pants so I know I have footwear that will work with them.

These heels are so fabulous!  I love the pale color and the pop of metallic and the platform is the secret to wearing high heels all day while standing.  If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how I wear heels all day I would be a billionaire, no lie.

This blouse is more in line with my casual wardrobe but I think I could make it work while working.  I love the color blocking and pleating  that’s going on.  I am a huge fan of this  style especially on the days wear you’re just not loving your mid-section.

I’m thinking of wearing this beautiful dress to our Christmas party.  How fun is the color?  I think it’s perfect for the holidays and I’m obsessing over the scallop pattern.  Plus you can’t beat the price.

This cashmere hoodie is day off comfy perfection.  I can just imagine cozying up with a cup of coffee and a good book after finishing up errands and then snuggling with Matt on the couch while watching football.  However a cashmere hoodie is not in my budget so unless someone wants to gift it to me I’ll just dream about it and wear my old worn out hoodies.

I am in love with everything about this sweater.  From the navy and green contrast to the adorable elbow patches.  It’s preppy in a really fun way.

These Hunter rain boots cannot get any more perfect in my book.  I love how tall they are and if you haven’t noticed they are my favorite color!  They’re definitely an investment piece for me because I don’t like to spend that much money on an item that I can only wear in certain weather.  I am thinking that this would make an excellent reward.  I’m trying to come up with a fitness challenge for myself and use these as the prize.  It needs to be difficult but doable and something that will work with my schedule .  Any suggestions?

So where do you guys like to shop?  Have you changed your style recently?

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