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For the second week of Body for Life you switch from doing two upper body workouts and one lower body + ab workout to two lower body+ ab and one upper body.  This makes me super happy because I love working my lower body.  I think my legs are the strongest part of my body.  I do have one confession to make, I don’t train my calves and instead I train my glutes.  I know that my glutes are working the whole time I work on my quads and hamstrings.  I do this for two reasons 1.) my calves are way over developed and since I wear heels the whole time I’m at work they pretty much get a 10 hour workout 4 days a week and 2.) my butt is flat.  I need some more booty to balance out my chest.

I thought the second week went really well.

January 19, 2014 Lower Body

squats: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

dumbbell step-ups: 5# 12X

Started out too light.

dumbbell lunges: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

straight leg dead lifts:5# 12X

dumbbell bridge: 10# 12X, 15# 10X, 20# 8X, 25# 6X, 10# 12X

glute kickback: 10# 12X

reverse crunch

oblique crunch

January 21, 2014 Upper Body and Cardio

dumbbell flyes: 10# 12X, 15# 10X, 20# 8X, 25# 6X, 10# 12 X

dumbbell press: 10# 12X

Chest work was very challenging but I was able to do all reps.

Dumbbell rows: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

seated cable rows: 35# 12X

Back~ started out too light.  Did the last set of dumbbell rows with 10#.  The cable rows were tough!

seated dumbbell presses: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

reverse flyes: 5# 12X

Shoulders: Definitely my weakest area!  This felt hard.

hammer curls: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

cable curls: 10# 12X

Bi-ceps: started out easy but could only do 3X at 20#.  My arms are super jiggly!!!

lying tri-cep presses: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12 X

tri-cep overhead extension: 5# 12X

Tri-ceps~ Holy hell that was hard!  My arms were shaking the whole time!

Treadmill run:  I did my normal 5 minute warm-up and cool down and repeated this sequence four times+ 4 mph, 4.6 mph, 5.1 mph, 5.6 mph and 6.1 mph for one minute each.  This ended up being a 2.25 mile walk/run.

January 22, 2014 Lower Body, Abs and Cardio

squats: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

step-ups: 5# 12X

quads~ good, out of breathe after the step-ups

dumbbell lunges: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

straight leg deadlifts: 5# 12X

hamstrings~ felt good, wobbly at the heaviest set

dumbbell bridges: 10# 12X, 15# 10X, 20# 8X, 25# 6X, 10# 12X

dumbbell kickbacks:10# 12X

cable crunches: 15# 12X, 25# 10X, 30# 8X, 35# 6X, 15# 12X

plank for 30 seconds

abs~ I can definitely go way up on the weight for the cable crunches.  I was shaking about 15 seconds in to the plank.

Treadmill run: My usual 5 minute warm-up and cool down.  This time I ran the whole sequence.  (Although “ran” was more like slow jog for some of it)  I repeated this sequence four times: 4.1 mph, 4.6 mph, 5.1 mph, 5.6 mph, 6.1 mph for one minute each.  My right ankle started hurting during this run.  It’s a weird pain that started at the top of my foot and by the end my whole ankle and calf were pretty sore.  It felt like I needed to crack my joints in my foot and I just couldn’t get them to crack.  Then I did an hour of Zumba and that felt ok.

I feel like the second week I was still figuring out where I need to start my sets.  I’m excited to see how much heavier I’ll be able to lift!


Matt and I are already more than half way through our third week of Body for Life!  I’ve been recording every grueling workout in a day planner and making notes on what adjustments I should make and I how I felt while I was doing.  Well the papers are starting to tear out and I’m afraid I’ll lose them forever so I thought I should share before that happens.  This is going to be a long wordy post without any pictures so if that doesn’t interest you then you should maybe skip this post.


Body for Life has a specif training formula.  You basically split your work-outs into upper body, lower body and abs, and cardio.  You’re supposed to do them separately but with my work schedule I like to do weights and cardio together so I’m only going to the gym three days a week.  I write out exactly what I’m going to do before I get to the gym and my workouts have gone really smoothly so far.  Lucky for me I can go when the gym isn’t so busy.  Poor Matt goes right after work with everybody else and barely gets a wifi signal.  I’m going to use # to represent weight and X to represent number of reps.

January 12, 2014~ Upper Body and Cardio

Dumbbell bench press:

5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

Dumbbell flyes:

5# 12X

Felt like I should have started with heavier weights.

Wide-grip lat pulldowns

12.5# 12X, 18.5# 10X, 20# 8X, 27.5# 6X, 12.5# 12X

Seated cable rows:

35# 12X

Front raises:

10#, 12 X, 15# 10X, 17.5# 8X, 20# 6X, 10# 12 X

Laterial raises:

10# 12X

Next time start with 5#

Alternating bi-cep curls:

5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 17.5# 6X, 5# 12X

Hammer curls:

5# 12X

My bi-ceps are REALLY  feeling this!

Tri-cep kickbacks:

3# 12X, 5# 10X, 10# 8X, 15# 6X, 5# 12 X

Bench dips:

body weight 12X

Treadmill run:  Warm-up walk for 5 minutes. Did a repeating interval of running one minute at 4 mph, then 4.5 mph, then 5 mph, then 5.5 mph and lastly 6 mph.  I did this four times through and ended with a five minute walking cool down.  I covered 2.18 miles in 30 minutes.

January 14, 2014 Lower Body, Abs and Run

Leg extensions:

30# 12X, 35# 10X, 40# 8X, 45# 6X, 30# 12 X

Leg press: 130# 12X

Leg curl: 30# 12X, 35# 10X, 40# 8X, 45# 6 X, 30# 12x

lunges: 10# 12X on each side

oblique crunches on medicine ball: 2# 12X, 4# 10X, 6# 8X, 8# 6X, 2# 12X

standard crunch on medicine ball: 2# 25X

Treadmill run: 5 minute warm-up then repeated this sequence 4 times: 4mph, 4.5 mph, 5 mph, 5.5 mph, 6 mph for one minute each.  2 minute cool down.  2.16 miles

January 15, 2014

dumbbell bench press: 10# 12X, 15# 10X, 20# 8X, 25# 6X, 10# 12X

dumbbell flyes: 10# 12X

This felt good but I know that I could have pushed it more.

Wide-grip lat pulldown: 12.5# 12X, 20# 10X, 27.5# 8X, 35# 6X, 12.5 12X

seated cable rows:35# 12X

Got really challenging at the end!

Front raises: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

side raises: 5# 12X

Had to drop to 17.5# from 20#.

Alternating bicep curls: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

hammer curls: 5# 12 X

I could barely finish the set with 20#.

Tri-cep kickbacks: 3# 12X, %3 10X, 10# 8X, 15# 6X, 3# 12 X

tri-cep dips: 12X

Treadmill run: Warm-up for 5 minutes then repeated this sequence 4 times: 4 mph, 4.5 mph, 5 mph, 5.5 mph, 6 mph for one minute each.  Finished with a 5 minute cool down.  I also did an hour of Zumba!


So that was the first week.  It’s fun to look back and see where I started and I really like reading the notes I took while I was doing each workout.



This time last year I was just becoming a runner and working on my stamina.  I had a goal in mind.  I wanted to run a 5K.  To most people that’s not really a  big deal.  But to this former couch surfer it might as well have been a marathon.  Me and running have never been friends and I was more than ok with that.  What gave me this crazy desire to start now?   I really have no idea.  I guess I just wanted to prove to myself that I couldn’t do it.  I really thought that I would try and just NOT be able to do it.  But I was wrong.  I am not a fast runner and I definitely cannot do long distant runs but I am a runner.  My short legs can run.  I even ran a 5k on a cold and rainy morning and I was so proud of myself.

This year hasn’t started quite as fit as I had anticipated.  My running has been left by the wayside and I haven’t done a real work-out since the middle of December.  I really want 2012 to be my healthiest year to date.  I am turning 30 and want to have a better body than I did in my 20s.  You would think that would be more than enough motivation to get my act together.  I started the first week of 2012 doing the reset diet phase of the P.I.N.K. Method and felt really good while I was doing it.  You don’t exercise while doing the reset.  Then I got a really bad cold that made working-out impossible.  This past week-end I finally felt good enough to head to the gym.  I was so pumped to have energy and time to work-out.  I didn’t want to over do anything and I was a little scared of not being able to breathe properly or of getting into a coughing fit while I was running.  All day at work I kept telling myself, “Mandi, all you have to do is run one mile.  Just ONE mile.  You can do that.”  And I did just that.  I was so pumped!

Today I did the first work-out of Phase 1 of the P.I.N.K. Method.  I was expecting the same old beginner’s work-out and was thinking that it would be a breeze.  Well I was dead wrong.  After I was done I could barely make it up my stairs.  I am seriously impressed and a bit frightened to do the next work-out tomorrow!

Off to relax a bit and then get some shut-eye.



How are you doing with your resolutions?  Any speed bumps for you or are you focused and accomplishing your goals?

If so, what are your secrets to staying motivated?

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