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I ran my first half today! I ran the ENTIRE thing too. I only walked to drink water and eat some shot blocks and for a minute when I thought I might have an accident. This run could not have gone better. I’m almost glad that last week’s 11 miler was so rough because it hilighted the areas that I needed to focus on. I made it a priority to eat at least one serving of grains a day (gluten free grains of course!).

I focused on hydrating and getting more sleep. Other than that I just relied on all of the training I’ve done to get me through.

My sister stayed with me the entire time even though I know she could have run faster without me. I’m so thankful that she was there. I felt like I couldn’t fail if she was by my side.

Last week my sister had me try her shot blocks when I was struggling and I could definitely feel a surge of energy. During the half I ate one block every three miles and I know that helped me stay energized through the entire race. I needed to pee during the whole race so that was uncomfortable but I was scared to stop because we were running at a great pace, for us.

My wonderful husband, Matt, has been so supportive during all of my training. He encouraged me when I doubted myself. He made me healthy meals. He massaged my tight calf muscles and gnarly feet. He and my brother-in-law, Luiz, cheered us on and we’re waiting at the finish line. My mom came to cheer us on too and my mother-in-law was there also. When we were rounding the corner to the finish line I was surprised by a group of our Zumba friends screaming and waving signs. The amount of support that we had during this run was wonderful and
helped so much.

Matt got me these beautiful roses and a massage bar that I used to roll out all my muscles that were cramping up. That thing is magic. I didn’t stay long after the race because I was pretty beat. We went home and I took a cat nap. Then Matt grilled us some shrimp, steak and red and orange peppers.

It was yummy and I can’t wait to eat the leftovers as a big salad tomorrow! Today is my mom’s birthday so we got together to celebrate at my sister’s house.

Ever since I did the whole30 I have been obsessed with cake. I never really cared about it before but I literally couldn’t stop thinking about cake during those thirty days. It doesn’t really agree with my body but I don’t care, today I was having some cake! It was ridiculously amazing.

I can’t believe that my half is over and now I’m wondering what’s next? I want to work on increasing my pace so I’m thinking I’ll focus on speed work. I might have to look for some other races too.

What did you do this weekend? Did you complete any goals? Did you eat fabulous cake?


So I’ve been keeping a little secret from you guys, I’ve been training for a half marathon!  I haven’t really done much running in the past few years and I’ve been slacking on cardio.  I kept thinking that I really needed to get to the gym and stop wasting money on my membership that I wasn’t using, but I just couldn’t get my butt there.  Then one day at work I was talking to a client and she told me she was training for this half-marathon that was on the Ashuwilticook rail trail.  I love this trail!  I roller blade it every summer.  The trail used to be an old railroad line and brings you through the woods and around a small lake.  It’s really beautiful.  So this half-marathon starts at the Berkshire Mall and then goes the entire length of the rail trail and ends in Adams at the Visitor’s Center.

For some reason I couldn’t get this race out of my head.  The longest distance I’ve ever run is 4 miles, not anywhere near 13.1 miles, but I kept getting this feeling that I could do this.  I kept telling myself that I had the time to train and that this would be the easiest course I would ever come across, the trail is a slight downhill from Lanesborough to Adams.  I started looking up training plans and found one that looked doable for me. This race was the motivation to get back to running that I needed.  I was in the gym the next day running a 5k.  I was terrified but then completely surprised when I was able to run it at, for me, a decent pace.  It felt so good!  I think my Zumba classes have really helped me maintain some endurance.

I was really hesitant to tell anyone that I was training for a half but I was also so excited about it!  I told a few co-workers and Matt knew, who is my biggest cheerleader, and then I told my sister.  I was expecting her to be excited for me but she immediately told me a couldn’t do it.  The day of the race was the day she was having my bridal shower.  Womp, womp, womp.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed.  I really felt like this race was one that I could do.  I took to the internets and did a quick search of possible halfs in the area.  I found a few options.  They are all a lot more difficult though.  I haven’t signed up for one, yet.  I think I will though and I’ve been keeping up with my training plan.

So that’s what I’ve been keeping from you.  Last week I really slacked on my training plan and fitness in general.  I basically only made it to my Zumba classes.  This coming week I’m ready to get back at it.

Monday~ Early Morning Kickboxing Class

Tuesday~ 4 mile run

Wednesday~ rest


Friday~4.5 mile run


Sunday~8 mile long run

Did you notice that Zumba is no where in my plan.  My work schedule is all off this week making me miss any chance of going to my Zumba.  I might have to do a video at home or something so I don’t suffer from with drawls.



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