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Since our wedding is only months away I’ve been really trying to get healthier and tighten up my body.  One of my co-workers asked me to join her team for a Hardcore  Mud Run.   I said yes right away because they look like so much fun and I think it’ll give me some fitness motivation.  It’s 4 miles up a local Ski Mountain with all sorts of crazy, muddy obstacles.  I’m really excited and terrified at the same time.  I’m worried that I won’t have the stamina to finish and that I won’t physically be able to do the obstacles.  The best part of this race is that you do it with a team and you must finish with your team.  Go Team Go!

So instead of sitting around and worrying I’ve decided to get off my butt and start training.  Matt is also participating in the Mud Run, but on another team.  We’ve starting taking hikes on Sundays together which has been a lot of fun.  We live in a beautiful area with tons of hiking trails and I’m only just now enjoying them.

Our first hike was up a trail called Pinecobble.  It’s a short hike, about 2 miles up, but it’s a steep and rocky hike.  And it was beautiful.  And we saw a guy on his way down the trail walking barefoot.  Is that a thing?  Barefoot hiking?  Now that’s hardcore.

(Not the barefoot hiker.  Just Matt.)  It was a lot steeper and rockier than it looks here.  But it’s always worth it once you make it up to the top.

Have you ever seen a sign like this?

Yeah it kind of made us chuckle a little.  We were sure to be as sensitive as possible while walking by.

Funny story, when we were getting in the car to drive to the trail head we heard the music from the ice cream man.  So we get to the top of Pinecobble.  We take in the view and snap a couple of pictures.  And then all of a sudden we hear clear as day, the ice cream man.  And then I really really wanted a strawberry shortcake bar.

It was a great first hike of the fall season that will hopefully lead to many more.

Do you have any favorite hiking trails?  Ever hear anything out of place on the top of a Mountain?


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