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Early Friday morning the power went out in almost our whole county. It was awesome having the house completely dark, until the carbon monoxide sensor starting beeping every minute. The power was still out when I was getting ready for work and you would think that my biggest concern was that I couldn’t really style my hair, but no, it was how the hell was I going to get my coffee?! Thankfully I live about 15 minutes away from Vermont and was able to stop at a gas station with the freshest coffee in the whole world. The coffee line was ridiculously long!

It took me about 15 minutes but I was able to snag 3 large coffees to share with my co-workers, I was kind of a hero. We don’t close the salon just because we don’t have power. We work by the light coming from the huge windows and do what we can. It’s kind of fun/ exciting but I was super happy when the electricity came on around 10. We literally cheered. It ended up being a really long day for me, I was there until almost 9. My last client was so much fun and wanted something really bold.

She loved it. She especially loved that depending on where the part was the colors could just peek out or they could be big bold chunks. I foiled blonde and red into small triangle sections, alternating the colors and where the tip of the triangles lay. I was pleased with how it came out.
Saturday was a little frustrating because I had people cancel or forget their appointment all together. I was able to take a walk-in though that was a really fun cut to do so it all worked out. I’m loving how fashionable men’s haircuts are lately. I got to work on fading and did a lot texturizing to the top. When I asked him if he liked it he long paused and then said it was the best cut he’s ever had. I was definitely sweating during that long pause! But I was so glad he liked it.

I left work early to go to a Zumbathon. The event was part of our local relay for life and it’s the fourth time they’ve held dancing in the street. We literally take over part of Main St. and dance for an hour and a half. It was the perfect opportunity to bust out my Urban Decay electric palette.
I did some rainbow bright action on my eyes. I had a co-worker give me a Mohawk-like updo and it was awesome!

So far we’ve raised over $12,000 and we have a few more weeks to hopefully raise even more. After the event one of the crew members held a party for everyone and their significant others and children. It was a great night with great food and even better people.
Sunday morning was gorgeous and it was the first morning I got to sit on my porch and drink my coffee. I really
need to get some new sunglasses so I don’t have to steal Matt’s hat. I kind of like wearing his stuff though.

I made 3 fried eggs topped with guacamole to fuel me for my long run.

My sister joined me for the run. She's also running in the half next week and we both wanted to run the trail that the race will be on. This was brutal for me. So many things went wrong for me. I literally had a meltdown and a cry during this run. I don't know how I would have made it through without my sister's encouragement.

I’m nervous for the race but I’m confident that I will finish it. This was such a great week-end and I’m so sad that it’s over.
How was your week-end? Did you have any challenging runs or color your hair a funky color?


So yeah, I know it’s the 7th and not the 4th but sometimes things are better late than never.  Plus I was busy throwing my niece a birthday party.  Also, I was really indecisive and couldn’t figure out what I felt like eating.  It happens sometimes.  I made a lot of poor nutrition choices this past week and need to get back on track because this is week I have a Zumbathon and next week is my first half-marathon.  So I have some intense training to fuel up for!

My runs continue to be so-so.  Some are great and feel effortless and others feel like I’m running with lead shoes and like my bones are made out of jello.  I’m pretty sure this means that I’m overdoing it.  I’m really looking forward to the race being over and having more balance in terms of exercise.  I felt like when I was doing the Body for Life program I was really focused on weight lifting.  Then when I did the Whole30 my nutrition was spot on.  Now with the training for the half I’m like the cardio queen.  Once this is over I need to find how to balance these three areas.post run selfie

I caught a glimpse of myself in my car windows after a recent run and almost died at how gorgeous my hair looked.  I’m pretty sure I used to do this on purpose when Saved by the Bell was on TV.

iphone pics 045I’m starting to test out non Whole30 foods to see how my body reacts to them.  For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of ancient grains sprouted maize flakes with raw milk, fresh mangoes, banana and coconut flakes.  It was filling and delicious.

iphone pics 059I also indulged in a cup of vanilla coffee with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle.  It was fantastic and gave me a raging headache exactly five minutes after my first sip.  I’m hoping I’ve learned my lesson and can abstain from sugary coffee beverages.

My meals for the rest of the week aren’t sugar shock headache inducing.


Wednesday~ Meatloaf topped with BBQ sauce and baked sweet potatoes

Thursday~ Jerk Chicken with roasted Brussels Sprouts

Friday~Cinnamon Chili Pork Tenderloin with Apple Salsa


Sunday~ 5 mile run (in the wind and cold)

Monday~ Rest

Tuesday~ 5 mile run/walk (with a super beastly hill in the middle) and Yoga!!!

Wednesday~ Run and Zumba

Thursday~ rest

Friday~ pilates DVD

Saturday~ 1 1/2 hour Zumbathon

Sunday~ 12 mile run on the rail trail

How do you maintain balance with healthy eating, weight training and cardio?  I would love to hear any and all suggestions!



Yesterday I had such a great run!  I think I just really needed a new mindset and some new shoes. 😉  I did have to stop and adjust my laces on the new kicks a few times but other than that the run felt great.  It was actually almost effortless.  I was really dreading doing this 6.2 run because it was dreary out and I just didn’t feel like running.  I was starting to run out of time so I basically kicked myself out of the house and I’m so glad I did!

veggie skewersMatt grilled up some steak and these gorgeous veggie skewers for dinner last night.  They were amazing!

Vasso salad and meatballsI had an entire day of training at one of our bigger salons today and we were treated to lunch made by our boss Vasso.  He’s from Greece and he’s a fantastic chef and a seriously talented hairstylist.  He made my favorite, meatballs!  I had to eat my entire plate full!  His salad is always full of delicious greens, dill and a homemade dressing.  I said no to an assortment of pastries, garlic bread, pasta and spanakopita.  I did however say yes to two black jelly beans.  They’re my fav.

After class, which got out early, I did a little shopping at Ulta.  I wanted to reward myself for sticking with the Whole30 so I bought myself a little something that I’ve been wanting.

Urban Decay ElectricI can’t tell you how excited I am to play with this!  I’m pumped to use it for an upcoming Zumbathon!  (Now I just need some fun new leggings to go with it!)

Urban Decay Electric Palette These are some seriously fun colors!  After my shopping I hit the bike path where I’ll be running my half-marathon.  The training plan I’m following called for a 3 mile run but it was the last nice day for quite awhile so I decided to do my 5 mile run.  My stomach was so mad at me for eating those meatballs during my run!  It was brutal you guys.  A big lesson learned.  The bike path is really beautiful and part of it goes around a lake so I was beyond happy to be out there.  I always see a lot of animals and this time was no exception.

white chicken crossing the roadI found out why the chicken crossed the road…



chickensTo hang out with his friends!  I kept seeing these chickens running around ahead of me and I was psyched to get some pictures of them.  I love chickens!  My poor phone died during my run so I don’t have my pace or any pictures of the ducks and geese that I saw.  Oh well, next time.

I took a super fun Zumba class later on and when I got home Punky was begging to go for a walk.  We did a quick 3/4 mile walk and even managed a few sprints up our beastly hill.  Who know my little monkey dog was such a great running coach?

punkyI’m going to finish watching Dancing with the Stars (everyone’s getting hurt:( ). I hope you guys had a great start to your week!

I can’t believe that I only have 2 more weeks left of Body for Life!  I feel like it’s become my normal routine to plan out my workouts and head to the gym.  I think it’s really helped to distract me from this never ending winter that we’re all enjoying in the Northeast.  This was a week of tough and challenging weights and distances.  I’m really happy with my progress.  I think changing the way I think during my runs has helped tremendously.  I wouldn’t say that I’m at the point where I look forward to running but I also no longer dread them.  I’ve also changed my mind on upper body workouts, I love them!  I have to say I look forward to the weeks with 2 upper body workouts.  I didn’t think I would ever think that way.  I got this week’s gym sessions started a little early, right after work on Saturday.

March 22, Upper Body

dumbbell press: 12X @ 20#, 10X @ 25#, 8X @ 30#, 6X @ 35#, 12X @ 20#

fly machine: 12X @ 55#

Chest: I did all reps but felt pretty weak by the end.

cable rows: 12X @ 20#, 10X @ 27.5#, 8X @ 35#, 6X @ 42.5#, 12X @ 20#

dual pulley pulldown: 12X @ 20#

Increase weights next time.

shoulder press machine: 12X @ 25#, 10X @ 30#, 8X @ 35#, 6X @ 40#, 12X @ 25#

dumbbell front raise: 12X @ 15#

Shoulders: Increase weight on the machine.  The dumbbells were a struggle.

Bi-cep curl machine: 12X @ 30#, 10X @ 35#, 8X @ 40#, 6X @ 45#, 12X @ 30#

hammer curls: 12x @ 15#

Bi-cep: Increase weights next time.

lying tri-cep extensions: 12X @ 20#, 10X @ 25#, 8X @ 30#, 6X @ 35#, 12X @ 20#

dumbbell kickbacks: 12X @ 20#

Tri-ceps: Totally burnt out by the end!

March 23, 7 Mile Run

I did 7 miles on the treadmill.  I’m not sure how much time it took me because I paused to stretch my calves and didn’t start again so the treadmill reset itself.  I felt great during this run and took minimal walking breaks.  The best part of this run?  When I got home Matt took this picture of me.

iphone 110I guess I sweat pink. 😉

March 24, Lower Body and Abs

pile squats: 12X @ 45#, 10X @ 50#, 8X @ 55#, 6X @ 60#, 12X @ 45#

leg extensions: 12X @ 50#

seated leg curls: 12X @ 60#, 10X @ 65#, 8X @ 70#, 6X @ 75#, 12X @ 60#

deadlifts: 12X @ 25# in each hand

stability ball bridges: 12X, 10X, 8X , 6X, 12X

wall sit: 1 1/2 min

twisting crunch on stability ball: 12X, 10X, 8X, 6X, 12X

crunch on stability ball: 12X

My abs were sore until Thursday!  I’m not sure why that happened but I kind of like when my abs get sore like that.  I feel like my six pack is going to pop out.

March 25, 4 Mile Run

Did 4 miles (without any walking breaks) in 52 min.  Yeah I know I’m a slow runner but whatevs, I’m lapping everyone sitting on the couch.

March 26, Upper Body and Zumba

dumbbell press: 12X @ 25#, 10X @ 30#, 8X @ 35#, 6X @ 40#, 12X @ 25#

dumbbell fly: 12X @ 25#

Chest: So, so hard!  I had super poor form on the heaviest set and could only lift and lower about half way.

dumbbell rows: 12X @ 25#, 10X @ 30#, 8X @ 35#, 6X @ 40#, 12X @ 25#

dual pulley pulldown: 12X @20#

Back: This got hard.  My left side is definitely the weaker side.

shoulder press machine: 12X @ 30#, 10X @ 35#, 8X @ 40#, 6X @ 45#, 12X @ 30#

front raise: 12X @ 15#

Shoulders: I was literally grunting.  Glad they didn’t throw me out of PFit.

hammer curls: 12X @ 10#, 10X @ 15#, 8X @ 20#, 6X @ 25#, 12X @ 10#

alternating bi-cep curls: 12X @ 10#

Bi-ceps: I could only do 6X @ 20# and couldn’t even fully do one rep at 25# but I kept trying.

dumbbell kickbacks: 12X @15#, 10X @ 20#, 8X @ 25#, 6X @ 30#, 12X @ 15#

overhead extension: 12X @ 20#

Tri-ceps: Not bad until I got to the heaviest set.

March 27, 3 Mile Run

Well this was supposed to be 3 miles but it was actually only 2 miles.  It’s so hard for me to run after standing in heels all day.  Plus I feel like a had a pulled or pinched muscles in my back/butt on the right side.  It started bothering me the night before during Zumba and I hoped that running would make it feel better.  It did not.  So I cut out early and took a nice hot shower and did some stretching.  Woke-up the next morning feeling better.


This seems like so much more work when I type it out but it was actually a lot of fun.  I like that I’m challenged with the weights and my running.  It feels amazing when you can lift a weight that you couldn’t a few weeks ago and I love that I am, so far, able to increase my runs every week.  I’m hoping that next week’s workouts go just as smoothly!


So last week was our third week of Body for Life.  It started with the best workout I’ve done so far.  I felt powerful and energized at the end.  My right ankle was bothering me quite a bit so I only ran once but I did two Zumba classes to make up for the missed cardio.  I think it was a really good idea to give my ankle a break until my new sneakers came in.  It was worth the wait  because I really like my new kicks.  I’ve only used them twice but so far so good.

January 26, 2014 Upper Body and Run

dumbell flyes: 10# 12X, 15# 10X, 20# 8X, 25# 6X, 10# 12X

dumbbell presses: 10# 12X

Still struggling with proper form while using the heaviest weight.

dumbbell rows: 10# 12X, 15# 10X, 20# 8X, 25# 6X, 10# 12X

seated cable rows: 35# 12X

Next time I need to start the dumbbell rows with heavier weight.  The cable rows were a struggle.

seated dumbbell presses: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

reverse flyes: 5# 12X

Yay!  This wasn’t so bad!

hammer curls: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

cable curls: 10# 12X

I was able to crank out 6X at the heaviest weight!

lying tri-cep presses: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

tri-cep overhead extensions: 5# 12X

This was easier than last time.  Use heavier weight next time.

Treadmill run:  Warm-up and cool down for 5 minutes each.  Repeated this sequence four times: 4.1 mph, 4.6 mph, 5.1 mph, 5.6 mph, 6.1 mph for one minute each.

I felt the best I have during this workout.  I felt strong.  I can see my muscles while I’m working them.  Ran for the full 20 minutes!

January 27, 2014 Lower Body, Abs and Zumba

plie squats: (weight in each hand) 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

step-ups: (weight in each hand) 5# 12X

Too light, did 10# for the last reps and step-ups

dumbbell lunges: (weight in each hand) 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

straight legged deadlifts: (weight in each hand) 5# 12X

Slightly challenging, should go up with weights next time.

bridges with leg lift: (reps done on each leg) 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

30 second wall sit

Weight could be heavier.  Wall squat was SO HARD!

Oblique crunches: 12X, 10X, 8X, 6X, 12X

leg lift: 12X

Zumba: hour long class

January 29, 2014 Upper Body and Zumba

dumbbell presses: 15# 12X, 20# 10X, 25# 8X, 30# 6X, 15# 12X

dumbbell flyes: 15# 12X


dumbbell rows: 15# 12X, 20# 10X, 25# 8X, 30# 6X, 15# 12X

lat pulldown: 35# 12 X

Dropped the weights on the lat pulldown to 27.5#

reverse flyes: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8x, 20# 6X, 5# 12

seated dumbbell presses: 5# 12X

I had to drop from 20# to 17.5#.  SO HARD!

hammer curls: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

cable curls: 10# 12X

Could barely squeak out 3X at 20#.  Why can’t I lift this?!

lying tri-cep extension: 10# 12X, 15# 10X, 20# 8X, 25# 6, 10# 12X

overhead extension: 10# 12X

Zumba: one hour long class in the morning.  It’s so much harder to Zumba in the morning than it is at night!

I upped most of my weights and it was a definite challenge for me.  My shoulders and bi-ceps are still my weakest links but I know that I’ll get there.  I was missing running by the end of the week and was so so happy when they came in on Saturday!


Matt and I are already more than half way through our third week of Body for Life!  I’ve been recording every grueling workout in a day planner and making notes on what adjustments I should make and I how I felt while I was doing.  Well the papers are starting to tear out and I’m afraid I’ll lose them forever so I thought I should share before that happens.  This is going to be a long wordy post without any pictures so if that doesn’t interest you then you should maybe skip this post.


Body for Life has a specif training formula.  You basically split your work-outs into upper body, lower body and abs, and cardio.  You’re supposed to do them separately but with my work schedule I like to do weights and cardio together so I’m only going to the gym three days a week.  I write out exactly what I’m going to do before I get to the gym and my workouts have gone really smoothly so far.  Lucky for me I can go when the gym isn’t so busy.  Poor Matt goes right after work with everybody else and barely gets a wifi signal.  I’m going to use # to represent weight and X to represent number of reps.

January 12, 2014~ Upper Body and Cardio

Dumbbell bench press:

5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

Dumbbell flyes:

5# 12X

Felt like I should have started with heavier weights.

Wide-grip lat pulldowns

12.5# 12X, 18.5# 10X, 20# 8X, 27.5# 6X, 12.5# 12X

Seated cable rows:

35# 12X

Front raises:

10#, 12 X, 15# 10X, 17.5# 8X, 20# 6X, 10# 12 X

Laterial raises:

10# 12X

Next time start with 5#

Alternating bi-cep curls:

5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 17.5# 6X, 5# 12X

Hammer curls:

5# 12X

My bi-ceps are REALLY  feeling this!

Tri-cep kickbacks:

3# 12X, 5# 10X, 10# 8X, 15# 6X, 5# 12 X

Bench dips:

body weight 12X

Treadmill run:  Warm-up walk for 5 minutes. Did a repeating interval of running one minute at 4 mph, then 4.5 mph, then 5 mph, then 5.5 mph and lastly 6 mph.  I did this four times through and ended with a five minute walking cool down.  I covered 2.18 miles in 30 minutes.

January 14, 2014 Lower Body, Abs and Run

Leg extensions:

30# 12X, 35# 10X, 40# 8X, 45# 6X, 30# 12 X

Leg press: 130# 12X

Leg curl: 30# 12X, 35# 10X, 40# 8X, 45# 6 X, 30# 12x

lunges: 10# 12X on each side

oblique crunches on medicine ball: 2# 12X, 4# 10X, 6# 8X, 8# 6X, 2# 12X

standard crunch on medicine ball: 2# 25X

Treadmill run: 5 minute warm-up then repeated this sequence 4 times: 4mph, 4.5 mph, 5 mph, 5.5 mph, 6 mph for one minute each.  2 minute cool down.  2.16 miles

January 15, 2014

dumbbell bench press: 10# 12X, 15# 10X, 20# 8X, 25# 6X, 10# 12X

dumbbell flyes: 10# 12X

This felt good but I know that I could have pushed it more.

Wide-grip lat pulldown: 12.5# 12X, 20# 10X, 27.5# 8X, 35# 6X, 12.5 12X

seated cable rows:35# 12X

Got really challenging at the end!

Front raises: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

side raises: 5# 12X

Had to drop to 17.5# from 20#.

Alternating bicep curls: 5# 12X, 10# 10X, 15# 8X, 20# 6X, 5# 12X

hammer curls: 5# 12 X

I could barely finish the set with 20#.

Tri-cep kickbacks: 3# 12X, %3 10X, 10# 8X, 15# 6X, 3# 12 X

tri-cep dips: 12X

Treadmill run: Warm-up for 5 minutes then repeated this sequence 4 times: 4 mph, 4.5 mph, 5 mph, 5.5 mph, 6 mph for one minute each.  Finished with a 5 minute cool down.  I also did an hour of Zumba!


So that was the first week.  It’s fun to look back and see where I started and I really like reading the notes I took while I was doing each workout.



It’s been quite some time since I posted  my meal plan and fitness schedule for the week.  To be honest, I just haven’t been planning it out, which basically means I’ve been leaving it to chance and what I felt like doing at the time.  This is never good.  I don’t end up pushing myself physically and my meals end up being something thrown together followed by a boat load of chocolate.  So I’m back on the planning bus.


Monday- Steak with mushrooms and onions, fresh corn

Tuesday- Lemon roasted chicken and vegetables from the cookbook Against All Grain pg. 212

Wednesday-Sesame Crusted Salmon from the blog Primally Inspired

Thursday- Prosciutto Wrapped Pesto Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes from the blog Primally Inspired

Friday- Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos from the cookbook Against All Grain

pg. 200

Lunch to go

chicken salad made from leftover roasted chicken

chopped green salad


Sunday- 2.31 mile run (super proud of myself for getting back out there!)

Monday- Miner Combat (super excited for a new wonderful trainer!)

Tuesday-Yoga flow (how long have I been saying I want to get into yoga?  I’m finally doing it!)

Wednesday- Zumba (my favorite!)

Thurday-Rest day

Friday- Run or Buti fitness DVD



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