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I’m finally done with my Thanksgiving leftovers, except for a few slices of pumpkin pie that I’m savoring every bite of.  After all my indulgences over the past week I’m looking forward to simple and healthy meals this week.

Meal Plan

Monday~ Leftover French Onion Soup and Mini Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Tuesday~ Salmon, Broccoli and Cheese (for Matt), Roasted Brussels Sprouts (for me) and Fall Harvest Quinoa Salad

Wednesday~ Herbed Chicken and leftover Fall Harvest Quinoa Salad

Thursday~ Cheesy Garlic Chicken and Vegetable Medley

Friday~Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Saturday~ Salon Christmas Party!

Sunday~ Butternut Squash Soup


Last week was interesting for fitness.  It felt very hit or miss.  I didn’t do anything Monday.  Tuesday night’s kickboxing class was great.  I even got a compliment on my pivoting while punching.  Wednesday, which I thought I would be dead tired, I ended up doing some pilates.  My back started to hurt really bad when I got home from class on Tuesday night and it was still bothering me Wednesday night.  I was hoping that some pilates would help stretch it out and ease some of the tension I was feeling there.  It totally did the trick!  I felt so much better when I was done!  I’ve been intending on practicing pilates for weeks now and somehow I just haven’t ended up doing it.  I’m hopeful that my love has been re-ignited.

I finished my little push up challenge on Thanksgiving.  I am so proud of myself for sticking with it!  For the most part it was pretty simple.  I would break up the push ups throughout the day.  The days where I waited to do them until I got home from work were kind of rough.  Matt was really helpful.  He was the form police and kept reminding me to keep my butt down.  What I liked most about this challenge was how much fitness was on my mind.  Whenever I found myself waiting this challenge would pop into my mind and I would get down and do a set.  I could really feel all the different muscles I was using by the last set each day.  It’s amazing how little time you need to get an effective workout in.  It’s really gotten me thinking on how I’ve been approaching my workouts.

Fitness Plan

Monday~ Pilates

Tuesday~ Kickboxing ❤

Wednesday~ Zumba and Toning ❤ ❤ (missed this so much last week)

Thursday~ Kickboxing (fingers crossed Matt goes with me again)


Saturday~ Dancing with my work ladies

Sunday~ Dress shopping with some of my bridesmaids


I’m still trying to decide what I want to do for next fitness challenge.  Any ideas?


So I took one of my 4 Saturdays off to go the the Berkshire Bridal Expo with Matt.  We’ve been engaged for forever and our wedding date is coming up faster and faster.  Other than picking our photographer, we have done NOTHING in terms of wedding planning.

I am so excited for our wedding and I love throwing parties and this is going to be “The Party” of our lives.  But I don’t have a clue where to even begin.  It’s so hard to find that perfect venue that conveys the tone and feel for such an important event in our lives.  We know what we want, it’s just hard to find the place that has it all.   We would love to have an outdoor ceremony but also have a beautiful indoors back-up plan if it rains.  And a place that we haven’t been to before.  Kind of a tall order.


There were a lot of different vendors there.  From DJs to Caterers, and Florists to Bakeries and everything in between.  There were so many people it was a little overwhelming.  There were lots of yummy samples and I definitely didn’t stick to clean eating while I was there.  We talked to a few vendors and added some options to our list.



Pretty sure these are all faux flowers.


Love the idea of having some sort of photo booth with some fun props like mustaches and silly glasses but we could probably DIY a photo wall if this doesn’t fit in the budget.


We both really liked this table decor.  Everything from the pitcher used as a vase and the old books works perfectly with our vision.


The next day there was a breakfast where you could win different packages and prizes from all the vendors that were at the Expo the day before and there was even a fashion show of bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses and some fun cocktail dresses.


Super fun all blue sequined dress.

This would be a great New Years Eve dress.  It was really sparkly but a simple shape and I think it would be a lot of fun to dance in!  Unfortunately it was really hard to take decent pictures.  Sorry for the out of focus and blurry shots.


Flowers going across one shoulder.

This one I would wear to a fancier wedding or a holiday party.  At a casual wedding I think I might look like I was one of the bridesmaids in it.


The pictures do not do this dress justice.  It was really simple and beautiful.  It came into a deep V in the front and the sides were sort of gathered and ruched up to the shoulders in a sheerer fabric with just a small amount of beading.  It was really simple and sweet.


This dress also stood out to me.  It was the most simple one and I thought it was really an elegant gown.  I believe this is from Allure Bridal.  A lot of the other dresses had quite a bit of gathering and tucks and lifts to them which are a bit overwhelming for my short body.  I saw lots of beaded designs that were lovely.  The show gave me a lot to think about before I go dress shopping.


This was definitely the most dramatic one because the veil was also like a little bolero with lace sleeves.  I have never seen anything like it and it was kind of fun.


We came away with a lot of information and new options and I think this was just the inspiration we needed to kick off our planning.  I’ll keep you posted  on any new wedding decisions!





What were some of your wedding musts?  Have you planned your wedding since you were little or you a bit clueless like me?




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