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Sorry I’m a day late.  I have this week off of work so I’m de-cluttering the whole house and we’re having a tag sale this week-end.  So yeah I’ve been busy to say the least.  When I’m not working I find it even harder to have structure with my food.  Instead of eating every 3-4 hours I completely  forget to eat and all of a sudden it’s dinner time.  So fingers crossed that I stick with my plan.

Monday- Leftover salsa verde from last Friday

Tuesday- Meatloaf made from the pepper stuffing

Wednesday- Rotisserie chicken made in the crock pot & roasted vegetables

Thursday- Curried chicken salad

Friday-Steak with mushrooms and onions

Saturday- going out to eat

Sunday- Corn Chowder


I’ve decided to also add my fitness schedule in with the my weekly meal plans.  My hope is that if I write it on here then I’ll actually get it done.

Monday- Zumba in them am and pm

Tuesday-Kickboxing and Winsor Pilates dvd

Wednesday- Zumba in the am (also in the pm with toning if we don’t do our engagement photos!)

Thursday- Winsor Pilates dvd

Friday- circuit training and HIIT at the gym

Saturday- day off

Sunday- hike (weather permitting)

I’m also hoping to take Punky for long walks every day as long as the weather is nice.  It has been gorgeous here, in the 60s.  Which is heaven from the temps of 20s over night last week.  Brrr!


Have you guys set up your meal and fitness plans for the week?  Do you find that you stick to them?


Hey Guys!

I’ve been a little on and off with taking care of myself the past few months.  I’ve felt really tired when I wake-up in the morning and can barely make it through the day without a nap.  I’ve been pretty consistent with doing a few hours of cardio each week but I’ve been slacking on lifting weights.  I think my major problem has been my eating habits.  I eat mostly clean, whole foods for breakfast and lunch but once I get home from work it’s like I want to reward myself for making it through the day so I devour anything sugary and delicious.  Even when I’m not even hungry.

I’ve gotten really tired of feeling so tired and so bad about the way I look.  This is a really important year for me and I would like to look back and not have any regrets.  To be proud of the decisions I’ve made and the way I’ve lived my life.  That’s why I decided to do the South Beach Diet.  I had done it a few years ago and had great success with it.

I completed Phase One.  The first few days were a little rough.  You’re basically detoxing from sugar and carbohydrates, which is exactly what I needed.  The last time I did it I relied on sugar substitutes.  I didn’t really change my habits, I just replaced my sugar with fake food.  This time around I want it to stick so I did something I thought I would NEVER be able to do.  I gave up sugar in my coffee.  Which is a huge deal for me and something that I’ve been wanting to do for years now.

I did have a little extra motivation, we had some engagement photos done and I wanted to look as good as I could.  It feels amazing to wake-up with some energy (I’ll never be a morning person).  I’m feeling lighter and excited about starting the day.  I’ve lost a few pounds and that feels good too.  I think that this was a great way to refocus my eating habits and start some other new good habits.  Next up:  pumping some iron!


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